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World Warfare
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  1. Currently playing islemap and my allies lc is red but their cities r green is this something new added to game or a glitch?
  2. Ok here's my wish list for today 1) color coded chats meaning not every chat HAS the red dot I've broached this topic in the previous past. We need a different color to denote different chats such as team and allied and be chats 2) the commander of royal lancers put this out as a topic landing at allied airbase, I agree 100% with this after all they r allies so we should b able to land at these locations 3) self maintaining mzs, these r bases and as such should not be 100% reliant on a city to survive, in the real world these areas r stocked for yrs of self survival but I
  3. It's an issue with a lot of us 8 have to log out and back in but it's no where as bad as it was 3 yrs ago
  4. LtGenRamke


    Why am 8 experiencing missing cargo when I send weaponry etc from one city to another or from an lcs to a city. Lost 5 jets, 3 aa, 6 stugs last game and this game have lost 4 stugs, 3 motos and 3 aa, this 8snt the only times either just the latest ones...
  5. I agree 1000% this hgas been ask numerous times but has not been changed yet as well as the little red dot which indicates conversation but not what type of conversation...change to blue would let a player know right away a team mate is talking
  6. If you put any type of nuke in this game it will have the following effect 1 you will lose potential players that do not rely on gems to play game 2 weapons of that destructive power would tilt any game to the spenders in game regardlessofhow strong or active a team might b Putting any nuke in game will b highly unfavorable and cause a lot of players to quit thstd o not rely or can't afford nukes it's already bad enough u devs think it's ok to gem 40 strats in two seconds becuz ur getting real money out of gemmers but to incorporate a nuke or any type of weapon of mass destructi
  7. LtGenRamke

    Too much

    How many players believe theurshould b a limit in how many shields you can use in any one day in game is for that fact during the entire game. While I understand devs make money from shields their needs to b a limit on how many any one player can yse during a game, watching a team, I won't put their name out their that's shielded 8 hrs shields for the last 4 straight days, now our map is green save for these 3 red cities...am I the only person who feels their should b a limit???
  8. LtGenRamke

    Linking accounts

    I have been running another account under guess login why can't I link thus account with my main account? If anyone knows the trick please let me know thanks
  9. Firstly let me applaud y'all for putting it out like that. I agree with all except helos they were used for scouting and medical duties. First rivers and streams running alli over map is an excellent idea as well as perhaps bridges to act as choke points my passes etc rd should also run through it's as a choke point. Defending these choke points should give the defender an increase in both defense as well as strength and perhaps slightly weaken the attack by same method. I won't get into the spamming of bombers m40s aa6 in my opinion each player should b limited in any one class of weapon to
  10. How do I apply for a job being a moderator or something similar? Do u know plz let me know thnx
  11. LtGenRamke


    For what that country had one good officer in ww2 not worth putting them in line up unless they start a ww1 theme based worldwarfare game lol
  12. I agree 100%...but it will not happen due to this simple fact, those that pourmoney into the game to become good and recognized by all love that fact just being KNOWN..,remember a lot of the players skids or teens with richy rich parents and deep pockets, I'm with u but us two will not change a thing, moderators and creators r greedy and truly don't care about any suggestions coming from non paying players...good luck in ur endeavors, worldwarfare send me and application so I can apply to work for u
  13. Actually it's just the reverse, players have way too much air power and aa is pitiful to say the least. Point in fact three games ago I had 18 aa ranging from lvl1 to lvl3 with salvo, they did absolutely nothing to the attacking horde of bombers and were lost. Moderators don't want to hear it but unless u plan on sinking real money into this game no ur chances of becoming good and recognized by others is I almost nil. But if u wish to put money into game to enrich the communist who created it by all means feel free
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