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World Warfare
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  1. I think 🤔 that experiments could be made using different fields. 1. Soldiers ,tanks, air-force and artillery could turn orange and move slower.... signifying radioactive ☢️ activity and effect. 2. If blast occurs on a League City then only some Generals assigned to the League City could be effected. 3. More uses for special forces troops to unlock the nuclear effect. Anyway I think these ideas could make it more “fare”😆 fair.
  2. Fundamental truth guys . If there are not enough American and Chinese investors in this game who care about representing both countries view points on democracy and communism in a World War 2 setting then players cannot and should not play Chinese or American invested games. Why should players from either country be frustrated? We’re the Chinese strong enough during World War 2 to effect real change? We’re they instrumental monetarily in deciding that the Allies would win World War 2? Or is this game merely a reflection of how powerful Chinese corporations are today and that if World War 2
  3. I really do not see this as optimizing sales. For me this makes me wait, and wait .I think 🤔 I’ll take the week off , buy nothing and go play one of my other games. We’ll all go to another game until you guys get your waiting for a new battlefield over lol 😂.
  4. Wizard


    I am doing this too. Thanks.
  5. Wizard


    I have done them Bwar
  6. Wizard


    I have been playing for a while and have found that three things impede my progress. One, that when alone in a field the fact that you cannot transport light tanks in regular transport s. Two, that you cannot get regular transports until lvl 7. Three, that upgrading the individual units boost at lvl 3 and 5 of the barracks take two much steel and that it takes a full day to recover steel sufficiently. So any thoughts 💭 on this would be appreciated.
  7. If the atom bomb was put into the game to hit league cities how would this work?
  8. I play a lot of games and I have noticed a lot of sales techniques in games for packs... I hope some of these ideas get recognized in Worldwarfare . $.99 cent packs for armaments and packs ...up to $2.00 for high level armaments. Rebel tanks giving more substantial rewards... options include diamonds, gold, armaments. Rebel tanks can be colored during events to substantiate easy/ hard targets. More variety in $5.00 and $9.00 packs giving access to special armaments, commanders, league armaments.. and défensive equipment. More gold and diamonds being offered in packs in g
  9. I think that after the player has three cities and an Armory the turrets on farms near the sea should be able to be converted into turrets to make the defender better able to withstand brutal attacks from ships firing at cities and aircraft carriers.
  10. I think that after lvl 10 in a castle all resource zones should be able to be upgraded to produce a massive amount of resource.
  11. Wizard

    New maps

    There is something to be said about increasing competition, like this but also to be said about new strategies in battle.. I think some considerations should be made regarding making the resources hard to get to. Then everyone is struggling for unlimited resources.. Maybe this light maybe making the Elite Guard able to provide a system of more exp and a kingdom to kingdom competition within 5 days.
  12. Wizard

    Spécial ops

    This idea for an event is as follows..... The events name would be "Special ops" players play the game as normal . The event is opened through an icon on the screen. I spoke with a man who fought in World War 2 . He worked on a ship as a sailor..he said part of their jobs as sailors was to find out good places in Europe where he fought for headquarters for the soldiers. At the time I spoke to him I was young. He fought on a ship as a gunner. But said that he lost a good many buddies looking for headquarters with his group. The reason was the town would be taken by the ships.. the speci
  13. We need thirty minutes please.
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