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World Warfare
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Daily Gem Cards


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It's come to my attention that the 2000 daily cards that automatically go into your Mail Box. NOW.. you have to claim them every day now or youll lose them.  

It has to be the worst idea.. People spend their hard earned money and you risk them losing their spending, cause they didn't log on? 

Example.. Im going to Italy for a month. 

The last thing I wanna do on vacation is check in everyday, so I don't lose my cards.. This game keeps you online and checking in so much.. you could spend days glued to it.. 

The last thing you should have to worry about is losing your money and your cards, because you either forgot to check in or just simply needing a break from game. 

Theres nights I don't sleep and spend days playing this game. THE GAME has become 100% better over the years.. 

But.  I m really upset about not having the daily cards  go to my mail box.. You are screwing people mentally and financially. 

I give you $30.. You give me what you promise.. All the Cards.. 

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Hey Donkey it’s been a while. I hope that you’re doing well. I agree with everything that you have said about the monthly gem pack. It’s a total rip off the way that they have it set up now. They will continue to lose not only money like this but also people that play World Warfare. It’s wrong to rip people off for what they paid to have. Not everyone logs into the game  every day and when they don’t for those days it goes down the drain which is wrong. I use to play constantly back to back maps for a long time but haven’t for at least a year or longer because of all the negative changes that have been made to the game. They have a lot of things that need improvement on the game. Honestly the only reason I haven’t completely given up playing the game altogether is because of the league that I’m happy being in and the many good friends that I have made since playing it. So many Veterans of the game since the beginning no longer play and it’s sad that it’s came to that. Unfortunately if things continue to go down hill many more will continue leaving the game for good. 

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