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World Warfare
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T-34 & M26 Tanks


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I only chirp in when I have something important. So I hope it gets read. Its come to my attention after 5 years of playing. 

You still can't produce or man: T-34 & M26 tanks. You have to earn or buy them.. which is nearly impossible and no one ever dos. So whats the point of even having them. Right? Finally having a tanker account. I want to man M26s..

My suggestion is that because Heavys are produced at factory 8. M26s could be produced at factory 10 or 11. Maybe T-34s at factory 9. 

M40s and 41s rule the game. And that awesome. No complaints. But, for tanker being vulnerable in many ways. Tanker man should be able to man all the available tanks. Please in some way make it possible to produce and train T-34 and M26s. Otherwise, just delete them from the game. 

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