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World Warfare
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November Officers!

Guest Manson1975

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Guest Manson1975

Hello Commanders!

Take a look at the newest officers coming to World Warfare this November!

We brought you WWII icons Creighton AbramsRobert Laycock, William Slim, and Wolfram von Richthofen.  Also known as Abe Lucky, Uncle Bill, and The Tartar.

As before, these officers will be available at a discounted price for 7 days.  Make sure you don't miss out on this sweet deal!

We have also added a New Officer Pack, which comes with 4 new officers, diamonds, gold, and amethysts!  This Officer Pack will only be available for 7 days!  Don't miss out!

Now let's take a look at the new officers you've all been waiting for:



“Abe” Abrams was an aggressive and successful armor commander who led the 4th Armored Division’s spearhead through France during Operation Cobra, Bastogne, and the Battle of the Bulge. He was a tactician that won the hearts and minds of his soldiers and allies. 

Creighton Abrams $49.99 $39.99 (First 7 days)

Bonus attack and speed to all Units in enemy Territory



“Lucky” Laycock was a highly respected British Commando and known to be a non-conformist. He led the secret mission to assassinate Erwin Rommel and the commando invasion of Sicily. As the Commander of the Special Service Brigade, he was the youngest Major General in the British Army. 

Robert Laycock $29.99 $19.99 (First 7 days)

Bonus attack, HP, speed, sight to Commandos


Uncle Bill

“Uncle Bill” Slim was an Australian Field Marshal who led the “forgotten army” during the Burma Campaign. Known as a charming yet hardened field soldier who inspired courage, he used off-road tactics to defeat Japanese forces on tough terrains. 

William Slim $14.99 9.99 (First 7 days)

Bonus to Ground units food, ammo and fuel. Bonus to troop refill speed, discount to troop refill cost


The Tartar

Nicknamed “The Tartar”, this Field Marshal of the Luftwaffe was known for his ingenuity in directing aerial operations and championing close air support during the invasions of Poland and France and the Battle of Britain. 

Wolfram von Richthofen $14.99 9.99 (First 7 days)

Bonus attack, HP and sight to all scout planes.

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