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World Warfare
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New game mode


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First off sorry iv been mia on fourms but I'm back to mess stuff up. 

Ok ok we had global big team battle and global team free for all, gold rush, and isles... in my opinion I think the older modes that aren't currently in play should open periodically like the cup events and play in the background and the most popular one be consistently available such as it is. This will give the Game more variety but having them open and close won't make under staffed maps. With that said here's the new game mode..


Mode title could be: Nations at war, allies and axis, nations, historic battles( good play for mini mission battles. Quick thought one team allies one axies. You have a historic battle and the leagues on either side play it out and try to win.) 

with the main larger idea you make two main teams or set multiple nations which leagues that join choose which side they want to play as each side will have unique perks such as special units. Russia Japan Germany USA Britain etc. although they said which a nation they want to join that nation is all a lot allie although they said which nation they want to join that nation is automatically allied with its corresponding allies historically they cannot be changed. 

The map should look like the globe and each team sponsor in the area consistent with their nationality they've chosen provided there is adequate space available.

The units they could build will be specific to that nation. If you want to get specific you could change the general units already and play or allow the basic units and add new units from history that were manufactured by each nation in play. Some examples would be dive bombers or torpedo bombers from Japan. ( atleast change graphics for some of the gen units)


you could add perks like faster build  time for  America but Japan would probably have more troop capacity some 3.5% deff or health or attack etc. also you could limit the generals each nation could use specific to the nation like MacArthur for America Rommel for Germany.

in the end you could announce the total war after action report for watching nation won the world war as a message and give special bonuses for items such as metals etc. and announce it to the gaming community. Even put ads on Facebook like fight for your country who would win the world war today and Add a pole to get the community buzzing. 

It's rough but with some fine tuning this could be interesting. Larger world map layout and new navy ships like the great Japanese fleet would spark more naval battles planes would use To much fuel to fly across the oceans so some players or nations such as America would need a navy to support any other unit in transit. Keep in mind they may have a little bit of a bonus being so far away adjust accordingly and perks for stats. I also suggest you add supply boats which don't cost unit spaces but are available after upgrading the commercial center to a new level higher than five and you could send supplies on it mildly faster supply ship to your navy fleet wherever they are in the world. Possibly a large supply ship that could receive directly the smaller supply ships and then distribute supplies to your Fleet and allied fleets within a certain radius food on the ammo and fuel. 


Thanks for reading 


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I really like this idea, this really does sound amazing and something I would definitely want to play. One thing I might suggest is the perks the different nations get. Would Russia get increased defense or turret boosts? Considering the fact they drove Germany right out of Soviet Russia? And also if I'm correct America produced the most armaments and the quickest, "Building 2 ships for every one that was shot down" (actual quote). In that case I feel that America could get both troop capacity and reduced armament manufacturing time. Japan would most likely have increased sight for all units and increased air unit movement speed. 


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