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World Warfare
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  1. Although I’ve been lately just running the meta (M40 and Flakpanzer spam) I’ve been considering adopting to other ideas such as howitzers and tanks. With tanker class, you can help your stugs and all tanks gain tons of bonus defense against M40, howitzers, and BM-13’s. Tanks also do good damage against vehicles while having superior defense and HP. However, there are a few things to be careful of when using tanks against M40 and BM-13’s: 1. Tanks can only damage a single enemy unit at a time, whereas M40 and BM-13’s have Area of Effect damage. 2. M40, BM-13’s, in cup and sometimes middle stage, Howitzers, gain extra damage while in forests. Tanks do not however. 3. Light tanks and Shermans have to be expanded to be close to or match the damage and HP that most M40 in the game have without expansion. So, after taking all of that into consideration, let’s go over some ways to beat M40 (in particular) with tanks: 1. Tanker class is the best counter to cannoneer class. Tanker class improves the attack of all tanks, the speed of all tanks, and also has bonus defense buffs for medium, light, heavy, and super tanks against artillery units. It also has the “All Hail the King” allied ability that increases all allied/teammates’ troops near any of your king tigers that are Airman or Cannoneer themselves. Along with all of that, at tier 3 you can unlock the super blitz tactic buff upgrade in Tanker class. 2. Spreading out your tanks and surrounding M40 can do 2 things. #1, it can cause the M40 to attack only one, two, or a certain smaller group of tanks while your tanks are collectively one-shotting each M40 that are all clumped up and easy targets. #2, although very difficult, you can lure M40 away from the main group and pick them off with a single tank or two off to the side. Allowing you to grab some east pick-offs. 3. Having stand firm along with bonus defense buffs from tanker class on your tanks will seriously lower the damage your tanks take from M40. This will allow your tanks to not just reach th M40, but obviously die less quickly as you take out the enemy M40. 4. Use support units/combined arms. Now, this is considering you nor the opponent has any bombers. In an all ground fight the typical balance is tanks and stugs or M40 and stugs. With some experimentation, tanks and howitzers have proven to counter a clumsy M40 in many of my engagements with this composition. Let the tanks take all the hits, and keep both your tanks and your howitzers spread out to avoid AoE damage. These tips are focused towards helping using tanks in a ground war, obviously tanks can’t shoot bombers or navy. But in an all-out ground war, hopefully some of these tips will help out. -L1onHeart
  2. If you want I have pictures of a RollinTHUNDER guy who dropped 13k gems on trying to stop me that same map lol. But yes, I will admit that battle does raise adrenaline and I tend to be a sarcastic persona. Anyway, can't wait till the next fight.
  3. Neutrals are just as helpful as allies because you don't have to worry about them either. You just create a perimeter of other leagues like a Great Wall of China and have the safety to move freely around the map. On the other hand, we were killing other players right from at least 3 other leagues (including gemmers who gemmed as much as LordGains). Plus, Dynasty is just a training league. We're in no way GODz, we don't have all the active members we need, we don't have all the best players. It's a place to see if prospects are worth it. So raise your self esteem for the time being. We'll kick you off tourney as we did last season. And for the record, Demi is for inactive and retired GODz. So that's a great accomplishment to beat them. -L1onHeart, GODz Dynasty
  4. I can already picture the armies of carriers with bombers and fighters I'll be expecting to see in isles next week lol
  5. Normal map yes sure why not, it's just normal. But I'm glad you agree with not being able to come back into the game in tourneys after being defeated. It's the same thing, you'll be killed shortly after if the opponents are good enough anyways
  6. I think that there should be no respawning whatsoever. And honestly, in my opinion players shouldn't be able to come back into the field if they've lost all territory (not all cities, every village, MZ, etc). But because people would say, "well if we lose a teammate for the whole game how are we supposed to compete"? That's the point, tournament is competitive. So whether it sounds like a good idea or not, if a player loses every troop and territory in tourney they are not allowed to respawn or even drop down a paratrooper, they are done, they are out like dodgeball, that's real war.
  7. As we all know, officers can even the odds or even put them in your favor in battles. Since I believe they are an important topic to talk about I've decided to make a list of top 5 officers that can be used from start to finish of any bf. Let's dive in. 1. Henry H. Arnold Henry H. Arnold, 5 star general of the Air Force. He gives a 10% boost to all attacks for all air units. At the same time he improves sight by 10% and fuel capacity by 10%. This makes him an extremely valuable General that I'dhave to agree is worth the price he's listed at. 2. Hugh Dowding Hugh Dowding, Commander of the Royal Air Force (RAF). He increases attack against aircraft by 10%, increases movement speed by 20%, increases sight by 35%, and also increases food, fuel, and ammo capacity by 30% for scouts and fighters. If anything, he is definitely a bang for your buck and can be used to take out bombers and transports more quickly, and gather much more intel than before with scouts. 3. Theodore Scherer It was a tough choice between Scherer and Stalwart Defender, but I picked Scherer due to the fact that turret and sniper tower range can be very useful. Especially when he can give your sniper towers the ability to reach up to 280 range and turrets reach 400 range. He is very useful for early stages of war and also for naval battles. Also very useful for repelling enemies and keeping scouts away. 4. Douglas MacArthur Although you don't get mobile arty or howitzers for a little bit on the first day or so of a reg bf (tourney for sure first few hours) the fact he boosts the stats of 5 different units puts him on the list. He increases all attacks, movement speed, and ammo capacity by 10% for rocket launchers, howitzers, mobile artillery, Bofors, and mobile anti air. 5. Hermann B. Ramcke There is no doubt that I was not going to leave him off this list. Giant transports come to you right when you get a league city munitions factory. They have 25 space and can carry tanks as well. Hermann B. Ramcke increases load by 34% and increases movement speed by 25%. Very simple yet very effective, he applies his boosts to C-47's and Gigs. Thank you for reading ?. If you have any feedback or other suggestions, or if I simply left something out let me know. Thanks, and good luck in cup to all this season.
  8. this was during this week's tourney. Barely took the L but it was a good fight against all odds
  9. My brother made a new friend (Command3r Trump) on Rainbow Six: Siege over Xbox One. After the match the guy told my brother about a game he had called World Warfare, and how it was a great strategy game. My brother and I have it a try and we both loved it. My brother deleted it however because somehow supercell games are more so RTS games and at the same time somehow this game is pay2win and supercell is not (a lot of very big question marks). I however, obviously, am still playing the game and I've loved it cause it's as if you're actually on a real battlefield going against hundreds of different armies. If I hadn't had heard of this game shoot I'd be another weaboo playing clash of clans or something.
  10. Bush1

    Independence Day Event

    Gonna be celebrating murica' b-day today with a lot of explosive freedom. Happy booming
  11. Ok, thank you Sounds good, thanks MkV
  12. Wait, so are the upgrades we research for the battlefield only or permanent?
  13. Bush1

    Attack Range!

    Howitzers should honestly have 300 range. They really just do not do enough damage to only have 200, and in real life these things can shell you from out of no where. If not 300 cause of advantage to troops at least 260 maybe
  14. My league is HighValueTargerts, we won our first tournament battlefield for season 6 . My leader says that he can see our ranking (we are in second, 10 trophies with 24 cities and have one championship). However, myself and other members see that the game is showing we were absent. I want to make sure we get our credit for our victory, and other possible ones as well. Thanks! -CarlosSpicyWeinr
  15. I completely agree with you Hitgirl, however, all officers are pretty much (so far) for boosts to unit stats and building stats. George C. Marshall does give increased building repair rate, but at the same time it still counts as a stat boost technically. The problem with female officers is that they could only do things that fall into categories such as healing because they were mainly nurses. I totally agree with having female officers, it would be pretty cool. I feel that last officer you mentioned might work. But the way the game works it doesn't have much use or room for them.
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