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World Warfare
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Game Improvements


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Hey Guys,

So ive seen several threads on this and hate to do this but feel its necessary.  Overall we have a great game here and i want to get everyone involved in this as im sure everyone has great ideas to make this a great game.  Over and over again i see suggestions and will quickly cap over a few and anyone feel free to add on.

1st - Turret control

2nd - Better unit control and flexibilty, ex. Waypoints, controlling units max speed

3rd - Shield cool down

4th - Daily max on spending gems

5th - City defense options.  Cities are way to easy to attack and cap.  Allow turrets to have optional aoe with lower damage or focus on one unit, balance attack rate.  Need to poll others on this as well to seek out other input.

6th - Allowing more options in villages or resource zones, ex. Building army or airstrip...it was not uncommon to have a small base in remote areas in this timeframe.

7th - Add unit, Submarines

8th - Adjust demo times on buildings within city.  Crazy you can spend hours building only for a 2 min demo, not realistic.

9th - Adjust lc demo time, same concept as above.

10th - Adjust territory scores on certain items.  Example city level 1-5 be 100, 6-10 be 500, 11-15 be 1k, and 16 - 20 be 2k.

11th - Adjust combat scores.  Way too easy to attack SS and build up score, while many of us battle hard against one another for minimum score increases.

12th - Adjust forum.  Need to have your own tab on topics such as this and allow others to post, that way you dont have 10 seperate threads on this.  One location makes it easier on you guys.

There is so many more out there but wanted to get it started and have others add their thoughts to this.



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To continue on the info above.

14th - Adding new maps.

15th - New game options.  Like solo play, basically a smaller field for groups of solo players.  The large fields with, like now both solo and league, then league only fields.  Maybe offer 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 smaller groups in both solo or league options.

16th - Offer different bf time frames.  Some of us cant play 8 to 10 days for one bf.  Poll for some ideas.

17th - Offer more voting options and polls.

...i will add more later...lol.



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