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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, I’ve seen some people talking about this topic for awhile now and I thought its time for me to step up and speak about it. Ive also added a few of my ideas into it too. Anyways, I’ve been wondering if we could get a rebel filled battlefield that does not require internet to play. It would have 3 different difficulties that you could select after pressing the offline battlefield button somewhere in the main menu. These maps would also last a certain amount of days based on the difficulty selected. Another thing to note is that these maps should all be the same size, the maps could also be different shapes, maybe have a customizer for the terrain. I also think that you should spawn in the middle of the map, that way you could expand your territory pretty easily. Here are the difficulties: Easy: In easy mode, I believe this would be for new players, maybe to discover things and handle things such as league cities, (yes I think this should be available in the battlefield, unlike rite of passage). The map would stay online for 5 days. This map would have a free supply pack as well as reduced training, upgrading, and munition making time (like rite of passage) Maybe faster troops too. The map would have level 3 to 7 rebel cities spread throughout for you to capture, as well as the other territory areas being all level 1 including: harbors, villages, military zones, and resource zones. Low rewards, not the best out there. Medium: In medium mode, the battlefield and enemies would be for more experienced players, looking for a harder challenge. League cities would be enabled here as well. The supply pack would now be free here and would require 5 supply keys, maybe 10. There would be no reduced training, upgrading, and munition making time. Troops would be normal speed. This map, In my opinion, should have more water for navy expansion and navy battles. It would also have higher level cities and other areas. Maybe up to 10, or 12. This map would last for about 6 days, 1 more than easy, giving players more rewards in the end. Yes I have not mentioned rewards, I’ll talk about those in a bit. Hard: In hard mode, the battlefield would be for players looking for the hardest challenge. League cities are enabled here. No reduced time for anything. No supply pack. And troops would be normal speed, possibly slower. The map could have much more water and much higher level cities and other areas. Cities should go up to level 15. And harbors very hard because of the amount of water there. The map would last for up to 8 days. And the best rewards for an offline map, that is, depending on how you do. Ok, so now onto rewards, something I had to think about. Rewards: Offline Map Rewards should depend on how the player does. But the overall reward should be amethyst. Yes, I think it should not be much, but it should at least be some. Amethyst are hard to get in my opinion, unless your dedicated to gaming and have $10,000 to spend on games. I think there would be a limit for how much, maybe 200 on hard mode. There could also be gold too. One more thing before I go, This offline mode should not in any way affect your grade, rating, and league score. All of these ideas are from me and the community. Thanks. Maximus, Out.
  2. Hey Guys, So ive seen several threads on this and hate to do this but feel its necessary. Overall we have a great game here and i want to get everyone involved in this as im sure everyone has great ideas to make this a great game. Over and over again i see suggestions and will quickly cap over a few and anyone feel free to add on. 1st - Turret control 2nd - Better unit control and flexibilty, ex. Waypoints, controlling units max speed 3rd - Shield cool down 4th - Daily max on spending gems 5th - City defense options. Cities are way to easy to attack and cap. Allow turrets to have optional aoe with lower damage or focus on one unit, balance attack rate. Need to poll others on this as well to seek out other input. 6th - Allowing more options in villages or resource zones, ex. Building army or airstrip...it was not uncommon to have a small base in remote areas in this timeframe. 7th - Add unit, Submarines 8th - Adjust demo times on buildings within city. Crazy you can spend hours building only for a 2 min demo, not realistic. 9th - Adjust lc demo time, same concept as above. 10th - Adjust territory scores on certain items. Example city level 1-5 be 100, 6-10 be 500, 11-15 be 1k, and 16 - 20 be 2k. 11th - Adjust combat scores. Way too easy to attack SS and build up score, while many of us battle hard against one another for minimum score increases. 12th - Adjust forum. Need to have your own tab on topics such as this and allow others to post, that way you dont have 10 seperate threads on this. One location makes it easier on you guys. There is so many more out there but wanted to get it started and have others add their thoughts to this. Thanks, Corpse
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