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World Warfare
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Operational Theaters


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Greetings all,


As we are seeing the introduction of more and more Generals which is great by the way, their effect is becoming more and more noticeable on the battlefield and not always in a good way. I find it a bit disconcerting that one General’s effects can be felt throughout the entire battlefield! Historically Generals where assigned to certain Operational Theaters overseeing the logistics and or combat operations in said areas.


Rommel’s Operational Theater was Northern Africa for the better part of WWII where he earned himself the nickname Desert Fox. He did a great job of fighting the Allied forces stationed in Africa while outnumbered and undersupplied. During the same time period however, he could not have affected the outcome of the fighting on the Eastern front say Stalingrad. This was the Operational Theater of Von Paulus.


This makes perfect sense in real life and I believe it would make sense in game. Especially for Generals whose effects have greater ramifications than others. Let’s use Marshall as an example who affects the starting HP of a captured/reconstructed building and its repair rate. It makes no sense that he be able to affect the repair rate across the entire battlefield map, nor is it fair. His area of effect should be limited.


I believe that Generals should be assigned to cities and from there, their influence can only extend so far. Just like you can only link up to three zones away from a city center, the General’s effect should only stretch as far as up to and including the immediately adjacent cities. Furthermore moving a General should be no simple matter, they should be moved in personal transports airplanes or trucks (depending on Commerce Center level). This would add extra depth to the game as you would have to escort your general while in transit and make sure he is not killed. If he dies, he loses all his accumulated XP and starts back at lvl 1.


I believe this is a must for General’s like Marshall and both the old and new turrets Generals who’s effect is very noticeable and very powerful!


For those who don’t know, this is precisely how Admiral Yamamoto was killed (the orchestrator of every major naval engagement in the Pacific including Pearl Harbor) while in transit to the Solomon Islands he was shot down by the USAF.


Lastly for added strategical depth as the Battlefield is already separated in six zones each containing SS HQ it would be great if instead of simply destroying them we could capture them. After capturing an SS HQ you can station your Generals there and the entire zone is affected by them.


Best regards

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