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World Warfare
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  1. The whole point of having a limited number of flags per player is precisely so that you cannot capture all the cities you want as it detracts from gameplay just to give one example you have much more influanfe over the vote. There are many more such examples, extra resources, extra units etc... So you can try to justify to yourself the impact of using alts for flags; you are still hurting the game in the end and yourself as you are using a crutch to do things you should find ways of doing with only one account. Hint: league mates and allies
  2. Can you be more specific as to which aspect you are having trouble with? Are you referring to alts, or excessive gemming, or shields? Please be specific the more info you provide the more we can help
  3. For future refence if you do not want people to know things about you then dont post them on a public forum
  4. Like I said there are MANY legit ways to pop somone's bubble and we have most of them recorded for training purposes. Use your imagination its not very hard to take to pop bubbles.
  5. There are many totally legit ways to make another player's shields drop. But dont worry I am sure Joykiller will make sure to remove all of them to ensure that people can stay bubbled under their infinibubbles because after all its not like this is a wargame anymore...
  6. Fantastic way to encourage new players to stick around, great show of empathy and understanding. So just because you had it hard when you started every other new player should suffer as well and we should not address the real issues of the game. Awesome logic you will go far in life keep it up!
  7. I dont think you understand how broken AoE units are under x2 speed. even though both m40s and tanks get proportionate x2 speed boost; as the combat resolution is NOT sped up to match x2 unit speed the advantage goes to AoE units as they can exploit speed and AoE to greater effect then the single point damage units can exploit the extra speed
  8. Limit the number of leagues you can ally to ONE. Either choose to ally your alt league or move your alt into your league giving you less player slots and have the opportunity to ally a real league not an alt league. You shouldn't have your cake and eat it to. Make some hard decisions you want real people or alts on your side? Remember this is supposed to be a WAR game.
  9. none are worth investing this is a shamless attempt at a money grab dont encourage joykiller by buying this filth
  10. make sure to thank joykiller for the broken combat mechanics of the x2 speed if only someone had warned them this would happen; oh wait I have been saying that for over a year now...
  11. Immel

    New Tactics

    In all my years of gaming, never have I seen such a blatant attempt at a money grab then this latest WW update. Joykiller you should be ashamed of yourselves, for conning people with such a flagrany ponsy scheme. You people discussed me.
  12. Immel


    Not disagreeing with your idea but i find it hard to implement, people will simply go neutral just before the end and still get rewards, or simply not attack each other even if red and still get full rewards. A complete revamp of how the rewards system works is mandatory, number of cities is just dumb affecting gold rewards is just dumb. Here is a set of ideas that are easy to implement: First of all remove the allied victory conditions, meaning even if you are allied with the #1 league on the score board it doesn't count it as a victory. Its ridiculous how often we get asked for ally just before the BF ends. You want full rewards cupcake? Get off your ass and fight for it this is supposed to be a wargame! Gold rewards should be based on total amount of kills and rebels/SS be removed from the kill counter. Only PvP kills count towards gold rewards. You want more gold rewards cupcake? Get off your ass and fight for it this is supposed to be a wargame! Simple and easy fix lets see how long the koombaya signing mega alliances with their sister leagues and permanent alliances last!!
  13. Sadly this is what WW has come to, mega alliances with sister leagues and permanent ally agreements between leagues. Do I blame the people for taking the easy way out, for being intectually lazy and uncreative, absolutely but ultimately its not their fault. If the game mechanics allow this to happen then the responsibility for this sad state of affairs rests squarely on the devs. Good job joykiller way to promote new player retention! I am surpised this guy has stuck around for 6 whole BFs... Best of luck Funk I sincerely hope you find a good home where you are appreciated and not treated lilke second class citizen, caugh caugh big leagues
  14. I am must agree with Funk, he is right the devs have gradually geared this game towards the mega alliances. Nowadays its hard if not impssible for small leagues to stay alive (forget competing for first place). A small 5-6 player league doesnt have a prayer against your typical main+sister leagues = 60 players who also ally any potential competition and easily roll the map. Obviously small leagues specially composed of newer players will get steamrolled. Even 20 man leagues will struggle unless of couse the ally up. This is supposed to be a wargame right not survivor reality show where you are voted off the island. To make things worst things like x2 speed were introduced which can only be advantegeous to larger i wont say leagues as now its a collection of leagues allying each other lets call it coalitions. Unless the poor bastards in the small league are online 24/7 they dont even get to fight back while they are getting steamrolled. With x2 speed you can literally clear out an entire zone in a couple of hours. And dont even get me started on infinishields! So as a new player your options are stay in a small league and get steamrolled till you get sick of it and uninstall or join a maga alliance with sister leagues where you are constantly treated as a second class citizen, completely taken advantage of, where no one teaches you how to play not even basic stuff like how to level your city. So the majority of players lose interest and leave due to being frustrated. Awesome job devs, way to encourage player retention!
  15. I dont disagree but regardless of our opinion the devs would never go fot it as they would lose revenue so the point is kind lf moot 😂
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