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World Warfare
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Troops in bases


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Wondering if we could make two changes to how troops are displayed and used while in army and airport bases:

1) Can we organize the base troops by type, so that we can quickly select units?   This change would be similar to the nice improvement made a while back for selecting a member city within a League City for resource deployment.   Near end of game, it is a pain to find a transport to deploy if I have 25 bombers, 19 jets, 2 scouts and 4 transports.

2) Can we have the capability to assign airport troops to transports after they have entered an airport.  I waste many minutes just so my arty can be in one transport and my AAA guns in another.   Why not have a menu showing all troops in the airport with their current transport assignment with an option to re-assign them?  It would still take 2 minutes to enter the airport, but then be a simply assignment exercise to sorting them out once!

Thanks for your consideration of these!


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