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World Warfare
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I took a long break from this game, and to my dismay it hasnt changed much of what is should have. That includes logistics and major bomber  spamming issues that have made many quit the game, and others falsely celebrate their basic bomber-spamming strategies. 


Lets start, with logistics and what could change.


1. Instead of a supply drop tactic card, which has a major effect on bomber spam (bombers never having to land and continual bombing of players) we should have supply routes.  This will supply ground troops in foreign territory, bombers will be forced to land for supplies, and the ability to cut off enemy supply lines during an offensive/defensive adding more strategy to the game.

HOI4 (Hearts lf Iron 4) has a very good way to display logistics, which is simply just supply lines to cities/ territories.  No trucks, no animations; just simple lines and data.  In order to cut off supply, one would have to capture the territory it goes through.  And With the removal of the Supply Drop tactic, bombers will be forced to land at an airport/carrier allowing players to repair and prepare for another bomber attack. And, it will greatly make long-range bombing more of a hassle.


Or, you could simply deny aircraft the ability to get supplies from a supply drop, this would make it so encircled forces can still get supplies and bombers will still have to land at airports/carriers. 




trenches = structures built anywhere in friendly territory, that takes up X amount of troop population and allows troops stationed in them to obtain a major bomber/artillery defense buff and a smaller buff to other attacks. 

Takes increased damage from infantry/armor attacks


Makeshift Airports = structures built in friendly/enemy territory that takes up troop population and allows the landing of aircraft, and slowly repairs them over time if connected to a supply route but doesnt resupply aircraft. 

Takes more damage from artillery/bomber attacks


M.A.S.H. = a medical structure built in friendly/enemy territory that takes up troop population and heals units over time when entered. In order to heal they must have supplies obtained by a supply line. 

Takes increased damage from artillery, Bomber, and infantry attacks. 


Thats it for now, i know that none of this will probably even be added to the game.  But if it does, will bring in much mpre strategy and get rid lf pesky bomber-spammers.

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Id love for these ideas to be added, part of the reason i left the game was because of major bomber spam late-game that totally ruins all playability.   And with added defenses, and other strategic options.  A war can actually feel like a war instead of an arcade game where you throw troops at the enemy until he breaks.

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