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World Warfare
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So, I just thought that we could move more into WW2 times and add Great Patriotic War stuff. By this I mean that we could add something like partisans(guerillas). 

Their abilities:

1. Range of fire is 10.

2. They will be almost totally invisible in the trees. By this I mean that you cannot see them in the tree line, except for if you would have troops standing in the trees. Invisibility does not apply to other type of troop.

3. Sight range for them is 250 in the actual field, in the tree line 100. For the any other troop sight range in the tree line is 50.

4. Speed: in the field 2.0, in the mountains 1.0, in the tree line 1.25.

5. Weapon - trotyl (TNT). Weapon range - 25. Damage: 5000 per charge ( I think that is a bit much, you can lower it).

6. Health ~2500 somewhere around infantry's.

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