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World Warfare
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Found 1 result

  1. What is needed for a much better game 1) control of turrets protecting city, turrets now fire at scouts when enemy army is coming, and turrets should have ammo allotment just like any other weapon 2) military zones should b allowed to store rss even if associated city falls 3) some type of elite abn troop is needed, adn troops r elite y r they being treated as simple infantry 4) get rid of the motorcycle troop motorcycles r dispatch riders, create a deuce and a half troop instead and any type of troop should b allowed to cap a city providing it is ground unit used... 5) if u want more publicity make game movements faster kids now a days want fast, adukts like me enjoy making and building so if u want better publicity speed it up 6) keep premium acct holders in their own game having them in game with regular ppl like me is definitely unsportsman like to b mild 7) lc should b allowed to build ships, to make it lc worthy have like yamato class battleship, taiho class carriers and most of all where r my uboats, u have them listed on tech chart but nothi g else 8) distances travelled r unrealistic, in isle of war a plane should b able to get no further than the next series of islands, which brings me to a major point y r allied trooos not allowed to enter allied bases or use allied air and sea transports??? My opinion this makes game worse whats the reason to have allies if u cant sleep in their base at night 9) rebel and elite ss troops r a joke they need to b programmed to attack not just appear in the same spot ten minutes after u just killed him! 10) outter perimeter defenses should b allowed in gamd not just around yr cities and villages etc, and mobile battlegroups consisting of all weaponry should b created 11) lastly antitank guns were used in war against all manner of target y in game can it only attack tanks, I cant speak for anyone but myself but i like tge game dispite its teething troubles, make the game for us the players that r on here playing actively a lot DEVILS BR8GADA
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