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World Warfare
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  1. A lot of us have been playing this game for years and I'd like to see some type of loyalty medal something befitting us that have been with this game since it was in shitty diapers. A kdr (or kill-death ratio) medal which is a true way to judge a players skills instead of his or her city and farming count. The german hindenburg the Japanese yamamoto etc A kills medal one for levels 10, 25, 50, 75, 100k kills etc these two medals will place players that actually have skill in the game not just deep wallets. No on cares about how many hours ones played we all play for hours it's a game. Let the actually kdr reflect pvp and discounts the ai this alone will show what a player actually fight...another player or the ai. Finally and we have been asking for years where r the ships for our lcs? Where's my uboat so I can attack that gemmers batts. Where's the super battleships which were kin design stages towards the end of ww2. The german hindenburg the Japanese yamamoto etc Can we see other icons images like the me262 the current jet is from the korean war. Where's our rail gun and as u finally gave us pillboxes etc where is my minefields...come devs what's the hold up
  2. Not disputing that i was saying look at the player their style how they play if their active etc b4 we simply look at stats and judge
  3. Here goes...yeah im sure u cant wait lol i have an idea that i think may boost this game...lets take a poll of at least 3 top players from each team r gathered and selected for a rumble royale...basically combining top players into teams to fight for top braggi g rights...20 man teams 8 teams total last one standing r the uncontested champs...lets do this for rookie teams as well. So who r the best players here and im not simply talking stats im talking about all around players that everyone knows or has heard of...moderators can this b done? Grand prize maybe 1000000 gold and 20000 purple gems...2nd maybe 750g and 15g 3rd 500g and 10g etc...id love to see this not only for the pure enjoyment but as proof that anything is possible so you players re ading this and agreeing email mods let them know of our interest.
  4. I agree surrendered team members shouldnt reap rewards of game 1) nebelwerfers are needed make them an lc weapon with shorter arty type damage... 2) trains and rail movement of rss could b incorporated giving ground units such as commando acts of sabotage to interrupt supply flow 3) again military bases should not i repeat not have factories but should b able to function without a control city 4) limit the amount of units type any one player can possess it is unrealistic for one man to have 70 bombers and reduce the bomber damage ratio...it takes say 15 hrs of real time to build a fairly decent city but will take less than 3 minutes for bombers to destroy it...come on ppl...truly lets figure out a better ratio here or as i said b4 whats the sense in even building a turret 5) no friggen gemming when ur city is being attacked...or barring that becuz its all about real money all the time at least limit the amount that can b spent per day not simply 10000 at any one time...
  5. On battleship isle the island city 1117 is located on the oil zone halfway down island has no control city, can u fix this issues plz, thnx
  6. Peter.. On map battleship isle on island where city number 1117 the oil resource zone does not allow an owner can this b fixed...i possess everything on that island and the zone does not have a control city
  7. Im late replying to a lot becuz real life comes first, but alas im here lol. I have several ideas that i believe will both enhance and above all make this game much more realistic, 1) turret/unit strength must be reflected in turret or that units actual strength in hp. I.e, assume a lvl5 turret is half destroyed by an attacker then the turret in question should b losing its strength in attack...we have all read and studied the tech charts the hps and def of units in game each in turn lists a given damage ratio per minute but if the unit is damaged how can it still b dealing the same damage to ur adversary??? 2) i broached this issue twice in the past and ill do so again here. WE NEED TO B ABLE TO CONTROL TURRET FIRE!!! ITS A WASTE OF TIME TO EVEN BUILD A SINGLE TURRET WHEN MY ENEMY SIMPLY USES A HALF DOZEN SCOUTS TO DRAW ITS FIRE, yes i understand the issue is one of writing new code to incorporaye this into the game...if a player has control of his def. It makes building those defs just that much more reasonable. 3) slow infantry down right now stugs and artillery r the slowest units a stug could move almost as fast as a pziv can we speed it up just a hair here and slow down the running men lol. Seriously though if an m40 can move as fast as a sherman then so should a stug furthermore stugs were infantry assault units why r the stugs now struggling to even damage a light tank? Stugs were created as inf asst weapons but evolved into nasty at units by the time ww2 ended. Designers i applaud u for this creation but lets not simply unify all units into four branches, yet while i understand not every unit can b in this game we need those units that were essential in that war. 4) motorized infantry...ok i get it but two things here first motor ycles were dispatch riders for the most part and mobile inf were on deuce and a halves, can we have a truck instead of the bike plus the motorized inf moves barely five seconds faster than inf on foot y, they r motorized so should move just as fast as tanks etc...40 diamonds for it so plz if nothing else increase the speed slightly 5) and finally a topic i talked about b4. Mz is of course a military base and as such should not become useless if the parent city falls...mil. bases have their own internal rss. I will say that the base zhould not b allowed to have a factory though, Well ppl, enjoy and those of u i know whats up those of u (godz) i cant stand lol go away and play candy crush A reply to the gemming issue. I agree it is the bank of the game so as not to run off older vets or new rookies lets agree to have a starting limit per day on how many diamonds and stones one can buy or barring this implement a rule within the coding that WILL NOT allow a person to gem their holdings while that holding is under attack!!!
  8. Samsung touchpad thanks for reply
  9. Question...we cant figure out how to get video of our team in action could someone plz explain the process thank u
  10. Ok. I dont know how to play this game evidently, but whatever they r suggestions nothing more and i disagree with ur expllanations about turret sets priorty fire, how is an empty gig a priorty target???. If uda took the time to look u would see ive been in a good league for a while and i have hrs of play and a descent record. Everything i put on here r simply ideas some u may disagree with some u may not...the only bad idea is one not thrown out for the public to ponder. The one thing we will always have is agreement or disagreement...everyone will not be on same page always!
  11. I understand its a team game and no rules just me and him afterall isnt this the beefing section of forum?
  12. Ok ppl good morning good evening depending on where u live. Today we shall discus turrets, mzs and various others. Plz ms. Jane plz allow us to control city turrets! This is insane when u spend hrs building only tyo have someone come in with a scout to draw turret fire. WE NEED CONTROL OF THEM! 2) the other day i watched bombers hitting an lc that had lvl4 turrets...not a single bomber was lost! This is autrocious to b polite. Whats the sense of building turrets when u cant control their fire and they r so weak they kill nothing. Even lvl 7 and up r a waste of time t9 build as each takes hrs to get ti that lvl and die in two minuts under bombers. 3) we need, as i mentioned before to b allowed four turrets at each city and we should b allowed to place those turrets anywhere within that cities boundaries not just fixed in or around city. 4) again what is the purpose of a military zone when associated city is taken...zero, u cant build at it u cant warehouse rss...plz fix...mzs r just that fortresses that r capable of self sustainment. 5) back to the bomber issue, we all like bombers but they r way to powerful, especialy when ur fighting a gemmer who has a brand new force in one minute...as previously mentioned b4 bombers were a good tool but not a war winning weapon. Plz lower their hit points along with the hit points of gigs its just way to much...either that or up the hitting power of the turrets,, and y r city turrets not designed with 4 guns like lc turrets? 1944 berlin the so called flack towers were huge and had multiple guns and for more than a year they were pounded by first the allies then the russians and were still standing and operation on the last day of war...in my opinion one should not b allowed to simply bring in 30 bombers and destroy 30 hrs of work at city...this needs to, this must b corrected !!! 6) has anyone thought about rewards when capturing city, not just capping city but actually obtaining part of whatever was left their, i.e; assume i was making stugs and my city was over run the attacker who took my city should b awarded some of the produced stugs, planes etc not just 2000 rss...and again i will ask that some type of system b implimented to firce players to take rzs and villages around a city as it is now i can just cap city and wallllla im rich no this is crazy, a city needs life to sustain itself... 7) finally no i have not noticed any vusabke changes ti any units, just hit points of some went up which brings me to anothr subject, currently i have a lvl5 stug hit points r still below 4gs y, if i lvl m40 up its above 10gs...have we started to investigate these issues yet? And lastly ships again, they r worthless no one really uses them y becyz they r worthless! The fire from aa guns against aircraft must b fixed y is it taking 6 minutes for 3 fighters to shoot down a single gig? Hit points fighter vs gig and scout in my opinion need to b adjusted..
  13. This may or may not b correct area for this but lets list some changes im seeing that r needed in my opinion. 1. Y is my stug moving like arty speed? Stugs could hit 38 mph on rd 22 over land plz speed up stug its motorized thus able to move as fast as a sherman. 2. At gun issue, 57mm at guns were almost always towed by jeeps and trucks can we create something that will allow at gun to move with say a jeep say it takes 3 minutes to hook up and once in position 3 minutes to dig in and b ready... 3. In real world history gigants or gigs carried 4 tanks at most and never anything bugger than a tiger due to weight issue, we should look into creating a more realistic carrying base here... 4. Idk if turrets have gotten stronger or units weakr or both something is not right, lost 8 stugs and shermans taking out a single lvl3 turret wow i must have been noobing it up the other day lol, can u plz let us know if turret strength and ir unit weaknnesses have been implimented? Enjoy yall day everyone and above all b safe
  14. Heres a one on one challenge directed directly to brutaldestiny of cocidius...rules r as follows u and i only no gems anytime anywhere and ill throw it down like this without ur gems and ur team to hide behind u r a mediocre player at best so just let me know and my friend snake eater can b the ref that way no one cheats
  15. Id say ur missing a few their brother the teams uve mentioned r gem hounds what about teams that r just as solid and dont gem enemy to death, besides its my understanding godz r defunct
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