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Found 5 results

  1. Have you ever been in a battlefield where all of the enemies are destroyed and there isn't much left to do? Happens to us all of the time. When it does happen, it's a good opportunity for players to take breaks. Not spend so much time playing. Focus on more important things. But then again, sometimes players and leagues want to challenge themselves even when there isn't much to fight for. In that spirit, the GODz league's members have pushed to see how far we can go as a team in terms of points and score. We had Intel that a rival top league (which will remain un-named out of respect) had a top League score of 5.1 million points overall for their league. We had eclipsed that score many times previously, but wanted to show some of our new players how far we could go. So here we are. With less than 7 days gone by and we already have several players with over 500,000 individual score. Plus a total league score of nearly 7.5 million points which I believe is a new record for us. I was curious to know if other leagues challenge themselves in this way? What are your records? What achievements have you all accomplished in terms of points, score, or other measures of dominating a battlefield? Screenshots so far from our map are attached here. I will attach the final ones 24 hours from now as we finish our map to show where we end up.
  2. Here are a few more videos created by Deputy Leader of GODz Ingrimm. From our league tournament match. 1 vs 1 PVP battles. Enjoy! Second video
  3. For third time in three attempts the new GODz league will finish first place in Silver Cup League Tournament. In week 2, we signed up and tried to enter but ended up "queuing" for nearly 8 hours and the game never started a match for us (even though other teams were queueing and waiting to fight also). Anyway, in the 3 cup battles we did compete in... we managed to capture 1st place each time. In this latest battle, IronLegion, Deicide, and TheStrongSoul were hostile against us. DemiGODz and Spartan34 were allies. At the same time we fought this battle, we were finishing up a normal battlefield in which we wiped CorbuloPact off the map as well. One of our Deputy Leaders, Ingrimm, made a video showing some of the action. I wanted to post it here so that our admirers and haters alike can continue to follow along with our progress. It looks like we will finish top 3 this season... which is pretty cool considering we missed an entire week of the tourney due to entrance/timing/game rules issue in week 2. We are looking forward to next season when we will he even better and more motivated for Championship. Also, want to be one of the first to congratulate LuckyStrikes on their Championship for this current season. A bit ironic that we saw them in week 1 of the season and finished first while they finished second in our map. Looking forward to meeting and competing against the best teams in this game including LuckyStrikes and the top Chinese Leagues also. GODz FTW !
  4. It seems that the Chinese leagues have had tremendous success in League Tournaments over the last several months. GODz and Pasta have each won a Silver Cup championship. But Chinese league has won 3 other times (more than all other leagues combined) and is currently on pace to win again. The Chinese leagues have an advantage because of the start time of tournament (their morning - USA and Europe evening time). But they are also extremely active. Often use tons of gems and amethyst. And they play with high coordination and skill. I am making this thread to make sure everyone in the games know that they CAN be beaten. We just have to fight hard and work together. Then all things are possible. Two of the top three Chinese leagues are currently entering map together right around start time. I hear they are beating FluffyCakes and WrathOfGODz right now. But their third league (they all work together and always ally each other) was in our map and we destroyed them. Here are some screenshots from the battle: This was the start along with some profile screenshots to show their members are very good players. 300k battle score and 200k battle score averages. Others were high quality players also. We led start to finish in first place but they actually moved faster than us for a bit, capturing a level 9 city before we did. We took the fastest path to their area... going through the middle... took all four command centers and reached them within first 12 hours of the map. Then we wiped them off the battlefield within a couple hours after that. All six GODz members were top 6 ranked almost entire map. We also got some bit of help from DemiGODz and Spartan34. But had to kill two other leagues also which kind of offset that advantage. One of our members, Ingrimm, is skilled with recording and editing videos of battlefields and war game sequences so we may add a video to this thread of the battlefield as well. Want to end this by saying to the other Chinese leagues that we are coming for you. Your reign in league tournament is coming to a close. GODz FTW.
  5. As many of you know, FluffyCakes members were mostly all former GODz and DemiGODz members who contributed to the success of GODz many months ago. I made the difficult decision to reset the league and kick them all out after I decided the culture and atmosphere within my league, and the game, in general was becoming too toxic. Some of those former GODz members understood my decision. A few of them even thanked me for taking a step that allowed them to focus on real life and step away from the game for a while. But many of them were very disappointed with my decision. Some even allowed my choice to make them hate me. To hate the GODz league that they had previously loved. Some of them even resorted to talking trash about GODz and making threats against the new GODz team that I have recently rebuilt. A few days ago is the first time that GODz and FluffyCakes have faced off in a battle against each other. As you might imagine, it was tense and dramatic. There was trash talking on both sides. Tough battles. And a lot of fun. But in the end, The new GODz team proved victorious and wiped FluffyCakes off the map within the first 12 hours of the Silver Cup Tournament field. Below are some screenshots and images detailing the battle. Starting with some of FluffyCakes trash talk against GODz. These screenshots are from a battlefield where FluffyCakes talked trash about GODz to some DemiGODz members. Tried to bully them. It was less than a week before our victory against them in Silver Cup which just started two days ago. Next... here are some screenshots from the Silver Cup League Tournament. In no particular order, these are battles and status reports from the action. We took CommanderBurger's city first. Then we took their league city. Then Mako's city. Then Funundacheez. Then we fought them off with a counterattack as they tried to take one of their cities back. Then we took Raindrop city. Then finished wiping them off the map. In some of the screenshots you can see their troops trying to run away as we kill them and keep advancing through their lands.
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