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World Warfare
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Game freezing on Android devices since update


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I have been playing the game for over 5 years now. All of the bugs and glitches. The absolutely terrible lag during big battles and server issues. Have been things we have endured. Some fixes and tweeks by the devs have helped. But all of these issues still remain. But we still play and we still pay... All of this ends for me though, when every 5 min my game freezes. I have to restart everytime and it's beyond a joke now. Communication between league mates or anyone in game causes a shut down of the app. Every single time.... I have contacted Veronica at the help desk over a week ago. But as we all know, any help you get from Joycrafter is a miracle at best. The game is unplayable like this for me. My gaming experience has been diminished considerably which is annoying considering how much I have invested in my account. 

Let me know if you have a fix for these Android issues please. 

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