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World Warfare
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We need major updates


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First off I love this game but Pay to win has to stop there are other games that aren’t pay to win that make tons of money skins should not help stats there should be tourment girfts that teams win for coming 1-3rd , people spam down troops , cards and it’s unfair the shit should not be in the game next we need  descriptions in the inventory I should not have to activate a tactic to see what it does now if it’s something I don’t want it went to waste , next we need different troops or a different way to start the game besides the same 1-6 lvls next each game needs to start at a set time because anyone who joins first then gets a major advantage needs to be at least 10 different people from different leagues to start a map , we also need a roadmap on updates and a hard modern r Ui change like a screen showing the rank lvls and how to earn that xp because there’s no description to anything really , next the racist / homo comments and league names need to be banned it’s not hard to put a filter in or the N word , gay ect because there is on in chat on curse words ? Fix the game so it can be great you all won’t earn money with a low player base because these issue turn people/ new people off take the play to win out of the game and make it about skill , some skins , frames ect should be 1 off for each year’s tournament and some more common for less important champion ships , next this is really big there need to be a war timer if someone attacks me and I start attacking back they start losing and then shield where I am still taking damage and there not and then I can kill a turret and they can rebuild and pay to put it back us is also bill shit who’ll being at war if a three t goes down there need to be a 10min cool down on the rebuild and a block on shielding your hq when at war or just out of a war for at least 4 hours like it is to move bases when you start a map make these quality of life changes !!! And it would be nice to have new spots like iron mine where it looks different and boost iron production and a oil feild where it’s only oil like an off shore oil plant in the ocean so it’s a real purpose to have ships and use them like at this point bring me on to the team as a volunteer no pay so I can tell you all the changes that need to happen 

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