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World Warfare
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The Fight for a New Generation (An Introduction)


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Merry November,
I am fully willing to recognize and cooperate with the fact that a World Warfare commander will watch his light tank navigate a forest for thirty minutes straight but spend all of two in attention span looking at a post, so I will make this quick.

This game is one of beauty and intricacy as much as it is one in want of balancing and gameplay revitalization. I love this game and over the years of my many manic stretches of playing it, I have realized a few things that I would love to address in some future posting. The rest of this one should simply serve as an outline if any of you all would like to suggest topics for me to discuss.

-Makeup of the Army: who makes up the player base, how to cater to different lifestyles with simple game adjustments and bolster player culture.

-On the Ballot: polling players to understand which type of game they perceive World Warfare as being and how to manage perception with future updates.

-The learning curve: potential for single-player campaign and sandbox.

-Firing Range: should players be able to beta test on a large scale? What would this add?

-V-Day: how do players win and can expanding diversity in ways to win balance the game itself and aide in player recruitment?

-MIT: a discussion on engineering as a strategic viability or liability. What is the purpose of engineering and how can we perfect it in achieving that mission?

-Strategic Push: Tactics, tactics, tactics

-The Hills we Die On: is there space for more terrain in World Warfare?

-Rain, Rain, Go Away: Can weather balance army composition and add positive nuance?

-The Bulls and the Bears: dissection of the market… not in-battlefield economy, but full game.

Dein und VG,


If you have any questions, Ill check periodically because I’m in College🥴

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