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World Warfare
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Game play change


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A suggestion,

i enjoy playing solo on the large battleground maps, but what I find irritating is not really the size of the leagues around you but the number of units to hand, for instance;

we all know that players will race to build a large amount of units they find to be the best for them I.e. bombers (being the usual). Players will build their cities and strengthen their turrets and towers but when you have 56 bombers thrown at you there is no way your city will last more than 1 minute. Even if your lucky enough the have the AOE buff for the AA unit chances are you might not even be around to see it.

so my suggestion would be - maximum number of single units I.e. 20 bombers or other type units maximum. This would also mean that strategies would need to change , where you’d need to with have 2 or 3 players in unison attacking or single player using stuggs (20 max), bombers (20max), and throw in some others units for the high army players gives the defenders a bit of a chance during the game.

takes all the fun out of it if you have 3 cities next to each other and one person with 50+ bombers flattens them all within 5mins.

Gives the game back a little to the defenders

thanks for reading

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