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World Warfare
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Building Que and Parameter Glitches


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I am having some issues with my building que on cities other than my capital, at first I thought it was a glitch for some of the rss zones and surrounding MZs or cities but it is hit and miss esp when setting the que to build and checking back on it later.

While playing I am getting notifications that “The target building should be a ruin” also other reconstructions or upgrades are not initiated until I go back to check them.

I have also had “Parameter Error” on rebuilds of army and air bases too that are sometimes fixed by reloading game but in some cases I have had to demolish the building all together and start from level 1. (Not great when trying to reload) It has happened the last 3-4 bfs I have played and I am not sure if anyone has raised this issue or are even aware it is an issue.

Thanks for taking the time to address this issue and appreciate that it is a constant work in progress for devs to sort things out and fix bugs as they arise.

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