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World Warfare
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Next Update Improvements


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Ok now that recent update is done we must now look forward for the next update and here we can put our existing suggestions and I encourage you of course to reply as well.

My must improvements for the game that I thought are the following:

1) Increase or find a solution to further increase leadership points faster and higher aside from the exchange of resources. 

Reason: My league mates and I somehow became bored when we reached our limit and there's nothing to do anymore aside from wrecking territories without capturing them. Resources are pretty high so exchanging them is not much of a help. Removing the limit or increasing it higher and faster will increase the fun and action a player can do in a long term battle like this game. I know there could be imbalances if this will be implemented but there must be a way or a better developed plan that could make players like me who are already at the top of the game be able to do more than just play with resources and stuff. To summarize it all we don't invest much time playing due to the fact that there is nothing to do anymore aside from waging too much war to keep busy for a couple of days left.

2) Edit button for an existing transport that is repeating.

Reason: Now this is a simple game improvement so players wouldn't need to delete an example of hourly transportation changes and edit them instead to increase or decrease the amount of supply.



That is all for me for now, I hope the 1st will find solution because I really wanted to expand more.


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