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World Warfare
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Cyber Bullys/Predators & ONLINE GAMING SAFETY


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I am putting this here because I am a advocate for SAFETY against Online Bullying and Predator Fishing in the gaming community.

Kids today are extremely impressionable by electronics. Electronics, games, social gaming, social chats and face calling is becoming a household staple.

Do to this it makes it even more important to protect yourself and or your children from the predators, bully's, the obsessed, & unfortunately the seriously mentally ill people whom lurk online.

Gaming although fun can invite in these people and unfortunately sometimes these situations do not end well.

If anyone feels they are being harassed, controlled, or "groomed" online or in a game...remember "its a game" and its not worth it. Report it!

What do you have to loose? Even if its confusing and your not sure. Its always better to be safe vs. something more serious as a end result.

IMPORTANT to READ: Online safety & how predators prey

Online Gaming Safety



1) Predators actively target their prey & are active and generally outgoing.

2) "grooming" is the process used to gain your trust. They will carry on conversations in order to establish a connection. It may carry on anywhere from a couple days to months.

3) eventually the predator will ask personal details to meet or a point of contact: ex. IMessage, kik, skype, etc... and can then gain further access, or ask for a In-person meeting.  

4) beware of "effusive flattery". Ex. A predator might comment on a pic of you... saying something flattering about it or they may shower you with gifts (online).

5) suspicious behavior: ex. Putting out your conversations to open chat or friends giving out personal details in order to cause fear or embarrassment. Or asking for personal details...i.e.....chat #'s. iMessage, Skype, Snapchat, facebook... etc....  (Further explanation.)


14 yr old murdered by gaming buddy

Games are fun...Social games are even more fun! They are the games of the future and create competitive environments. Just keep it in perspective and know how to identify predators and how to keep yourself safe online. 

NOTE: I am in no way accusing any one person/gamer with any information I have posted here. This is just information provided for you to view and make your own conclusions. If you feel you may be a victim of a cyber predator or any other type of online harassment, report it!

WorldWarFare is a awesome social game and it is wonderful to see all the efforts made to continually add new things and adjustments to the game to make it even better.  The staff is amazing!

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