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World Warfare
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Achievements Introduction


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1. What can I get after completing Achievements?

Every completion of stage goal for Achievement will result in gaining Achievement Point and diamond. You can obtain additional Designation and Medal rewards after you finish one complete Achievement.


2. What does Designation do?

Achieved Designation will be stored in Designation library; every time your troop has killed more 30 enemies, you can get one Designation randomly.

For instance, when you have “Tiger” Designation in library and your [1] Artillery RGT has killed 30 enemies, then your [1] Artillery RGT will become “Tiger Artillery RGT”.

Every time you get special Designation for your troop, you will obtain additional Battle Score in Battle Result.


3. What does Medal do?

Medal is the symbol of what you have achieved in battlefield.

Commander who contains the most medals will get special reward in future updates.

Wear: you can wear medal; it will appear right behind your commander name when you chatting with others.

Display: you can show what you have achieved.



4. What is Achievement Point ?  

Player can unlock more Portraits by acquiring more Achievement Points.

Navigating to “Commander Profile” in “Headquarter”, click on “Portrait” to change your Portrait into unlocked ones.

You can use Historical Officer after unlocking it.

Achievement will have other special rewards in future updates.


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