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World Warfare
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Gem (Diamond) Cap or CoolDown


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Gemming or excessive Diamond Use

  • Excessive Gemming (Diamond use) seems to be a problem with bigger leagues. It seems to offset the balance significantly between NON-career players and the Top League Players. 
  • Gaming is a big business and brings big money, however when balance issues start to show between the average gamer and the Career Gamer... then theres a problem. The average gamer usually is the sustainer of the game economy and the advertiser... the Career Gamer is the Big Pockets but usually short lived.
  • In my opinion.... excessive Gemming of shields for P2P abilities/gains is not well accepted with the avg. gamer community...although its Big Money for the receiveing end.
  • It would be nice to see a 1 time option of a Free Shield per game or earned per so many BF's (or points) for all players to avoid P2P animosity.
  • If a CAP limit (cooldown) could be placed on gemming per BF or CUP.  (Ex: BF =cap could be 1000 diamonds/10,000 amethyst per a specified time limit and it will reset @ that point) (Ex: CUP =a set CAP on Diamonds 2000/10k amethyst per 24hrs or per ENTIRE CUP. Maybe a complete limit of 1000 Diamonds and a amethyst cooldown...period.)
  • This would better balance the NON-P2P avg.  gamer vs. the P2P career gamer.
  • For players with special Officers/Generals: maybe it could be possible that the Gem/Diamond rule be offset by the use of those in CUP/BF. (Ex: you use a special General then the cap on amethyst is set lower or the Diamond cap is set at a 24 hr cooldown or set at a lower Cap, too.) This could balance the double whammy on P2P issues. 
  • Shields: in CUPs dont allow shields last 48 hrs of the game, in BF allow them at a limit of 1 free and up to 2 shields through the game play time. 
  • Gaming is Big Business but the little guy matters too.... the avg. gamer is the one who is the most important to the business.
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