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World Warfare
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NEW GAME MODE : Offline campaign


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so I searched through the game file and found immense amount of unused units such as kv-1, DANG LANCASTER, Japanese units which ARE in the tutorial and so much more...

so I thought to myself

because I'm a frequent traveller I will be likely on a plane every few weeks or so... and this game is literally on the top 2 best strategy game (topped by the battle academy series) thus I really would appreciate it if we have something I don't know like a offline campaign or some sort? or perhaps make a new game based on this game that is offline to prevent oversizing...

anyway historical campaigns and all different nation unit will be in it... how you suppose? this campaign may be the basis of the new game mode I suggested the other day ; GLOBAL WAR 1930. so that the whole process they might get into making GLOBAL WAR 1930 will not be so tiring and wasted...

if you would like to know more about GLOBAL WAR 1930 do visit the post


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