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World Warfare
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I usually leave the game shortly after joining because, I'm right by people who could use my city to wipe their butt. I honestly need help with this game, or I just need to up my self-esteem and to improve my strategies. Anyone able to help this person in IMMEDIATE NEED?



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We all have those maps, just a bad drop. Biggest quick suggestion I can tell you quickly is find yourself a league. Numbers bring strength!  Secondly follow the missions as quickly as you can. It will give you a firm base to work with. Don't hit surrounding villages until you have stugs. This will cut down on troop losses taking the village and keep your shield up while you built up your army. 

At the start of map get anti-tanks built up. They are slow but powerful. Learn and know troop ranges along with turret and sniper tower ranges. Knowing who's in range and who's not can save your butt many times. 

Its an art, and takes lots of practice. If your in a league watch what others do and learn their good and bad maneuvers. There are too many situations to list. Keep trying till you get the feel of it. ?

good luck,


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I've always been able to hold my own until the last 4 days of the map, entire armies consisting of all bombers and 1 foot unit sweeping cities and armies. Dull and uneventful. 

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UNBROK3N is always looking for members who face issues like these. We are a league that is built on teamwork. Please PM my in game username Darkvictory for more information.

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