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  1. What changes have been made? I see the speeds have been reduced back down to normal. What else?
  2. Thanks guys! i understand it’s only Veronica but when everything must go through contact us a single person 40 hours a week just isn’t enough through the course of a game being played 24/7 (184hours). And with as many bugs and glitches that there still are in the system there should be more. A few months ago there were at least GMs trolling around we could get ahold of. Since they were laid off and were down to only one it’s pretty slow.
  3. Getting into this forum late but here goes... resources are far too low. I landed in res heaven and had 6 steel 4 rubber and 3 oil. And I still could barely keep my army up to snuff, res we’re coming in far too slow. I can’t say if it was ghost res, or if it’s just set low. But if I had that many rez zones on normal map I would have dominated. Personally I liked the doubletime speeds. It adds excitement to the game, in the fact you can get a couple extra raids in the same amount of time and that guy half way across the map you don’t like is now an hour away instead of 3 hours away.
  4. Think we’re all with you Skarz. Support has gotten much slower to respond and by the time they do it’s too late troops are all dead and or bf is over?
  5. I do agree with all three of you. Recently the new bf is crashing at least daily sometimes multiple times a day loosing all troops. I still love the game but the frequent crashes is quite frustrating. Don’t know how much longer players are going to stick around the way it is. I truly hope the do something about the issues soon. I think his last paragraph was more to the point that it’s boring that EVERYONE is using the same troop configuration. Yes we all know 15 stugs 15 motor arts and 10-15 whirls is a great combo. But is easily beaten with the right troops and strategies. You either
  6. RJ1

    chat broken

    Much worse after the update 3-26. Most of my messages poll up. Once I close chat the polled messages disappear. I’ve tried all different chat groups 99% fail to actually go. No message that it failed to send. Only way I can communicate with my league mates right now is iMessage. This is on a newer iPad. Please get it fixed guys!
  7. AXIOS should be split as follows... RJ1 4k gems - 40k gold GENBattleSkarz 4k gems - 40k gold XknuckleheadX 4k gems - 40k gold Dinjinn 4k gems - 40k gold Fyrfytr 4k gems - 40k gold K9Archer 2k gems - 20k gold Deadman88 2k gems - 20k gold Thanks! RJ1 - AXIOS
  8. Glad to see this one finally coming. Only concern is the lagging. It lags bad now when troops move at normal speed and they don’t get rebuilt very fast... cant wait to try it though!
  9. Ok feeling like an idiot but what is AOE?
  10. No respawns both tourney and normal bf. The respawn is mostly only used as the whak-a-mole annoyance technique. If league or allies give you a city ok but I'd rather see respawn out of the game altogether. It is better to start a new bf than respawn somewhere late in a map with no troops. And an 8 hour shield to boot. There's no real reason for it. Have a mole popping up here or there now on this bf. Just an annoying cause for trash talking and frustration. Takes all the skill and good sportsmanship out of the game. Seems to be a common theme...
  11. These trees all reset after each bf so there is no long term advantage. It can definitely help tremendously in the bf though.
  12. Seems there is a bug with the new tree too. It's saying I have insufficient res even though it's showing I have enough res with the tree discounts
  13. RJ1

    Attack Range!

    They are range 250 now
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