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World Warfare
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  1. I have noticed that as long as you send messages in small sections, say 3-5 words per message, the chat will go through. Any longer than that, and it's as though the program can't get a full transmission of the data. I saw that you guys had said you hired a 3rd party to re-design the chat. I am a computer science major with a concentration in programming, so I have a few ideas on areas to check for the bug: 1) Check the packaging and transmission protocols. There may be an error that is limiting the packet sizes or that is having problems knowing what to do with data that is over a certain size limit. I say this because small messages are going through fine. Larger messages aren't. 2) Check the text generators inside the chat windows itself. The programmers may not have allowed sufficient memory space for the program to be able to send everything that is typed into the chat box. It shows it, but the system itself may be having a memory issue behind the scenes that users don't see. (This is just me spitballing for ideas) Also, while y'all are at it, can you look into why I have to close and reopen the game to get mail messages? That's getting kind of annoying as well. Thank you, and I love this game! Just hoping all the little issues can get worked out.
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