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World Warfare
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  2. Jordanvh


    It would of been great to have a tutorial at the start because I had no clue what anything was and I had no clue how to anything it sucked because I had to learn myself and I died a lot
  3. Today
  4. Hi , I’m after a loyal group of 20 players to stay with me for one solid month to learn from each other and see if we can gel into a permanent team player group . if this sounds like you then join AnzacLegends today I’m going to do a tournament at five today and once a few of you are here I’ll get a 2nd in charge etc kick off another map . every Friday at 5 pm if your maps struggling jump in cue and we all port into new map Friday at five pm so we are all together. im in Queensland Australia so for USA players etc subtract 24 hours (5*00pm Thursday) etc .
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  6. My game name is CommanderFlavius
  7. Last week
  8. What happened with promised event reward?
  9. It's now the 17th and still not open
  10. Shmishy


    how do i produce arnaments and build t-34 and m26 pershing tanks
  11. Shmishy


    how do i produce arnaments and build t-34 and m26 pershing tanks
  12. If you can't take the whole map in 24, and the speed is the same, maybe increase the length of map to 36 or 48 hours max. This map is a great distraction from the other maps that can be very time consuming and intense(which I like most of the time). When they increased the speed last time the servers crashed and froze way too often. Play blitz or other faster map if this doesn't work for you. Developers: Maybe update or add to the server capacity to prevent lagging and hesitation in other maps may be a solution? (I am not a computer person) :)
  13. Earlier
  14. 1. необходимо решить проблемы с оптимизацией игры, чтобы не потерять войну. 2. переделать AoE. 100% уничтожили игру и все классы. m40, которые появляются в первый день. Я молчу про фердинантов. не играбельная единица. игра представляет собой пищеварительную цепь, в которой canonir находится наверху.
  15. programmers are making too many changes to the game. there are various problems to solve in the game and not go ahead with updates. For example, now with victory votes, the battlefield lasts a few days and rocket launchers and panzermaus are not used because the monument needs time to be built. new armaments have been introduced such as flak41 that easily kill bombers. who has invested money (general purchase), gold and time in certain troops, must change strategy with each update.
  16. Bloodmancer

    Too much

    I don't really mind the concept of shields especially since their original purpose was to keep your troops safe in a city if you coulden't get them out for whatever reason, and they had a cool down so you couldn't just shield everything for days and attack while people slept. After they removed the cool down, anyone with a decent chunk of cnage can now win by shielding endlessly.
  17. Hey. Please message them on facebook. We can't handle this issue. Hey. Please message them on facebook. We can't handle this issue.
  18. Redrumjn

    Too much

    If you found this game on realistic people and maps then follow through and keep it realistic. Cities don’t have shields in real,life.
  19. lukr


    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  20. 1x is too slow. 2x will be better. Many of us don't play global due to 1x speed. 1
  21. My username for WWR is CeRtAiNDeAtH-sorry about that, I forgot to my original post. It won't happen again ^^^^^
  22. I'm running WWR on Windows 10- PC & I get this error message right after the 1st flash screen. Matter of fact it's doing the same thing on my Origin gaming laptop which is also running Windows 10. I've tried to repair, reset, and uninstall/reinstall on both computers & I still get the same message. Oh yeah-I have it on my Macbook Air & it has never had a single issue and works as well as it did when I 1st installed it ( just thought that I'd put that out there for anybody that plays WWR & has a Macbook )
  23. Agreed! Once we saw that higher level cities were easier than lower level this map got old fast. Because it was based on Liberty, with its lower resources, capturing cities became impossible. Selling resources to cap another L15 was what this map turned into. Was the intended purpose to have a map that was PvP or not? We assumed not at first and allied most teams. With the easy rebel cities (and frustrating respawn mid-attack) it wasn’t much of a PvP map. As others have noted: bugs that were fixed reappeared, which is disappointing. Rebels seemed difficult but were really not much of an issue. While this felt like we were simply used to debug the game, I was disappointed in the old bugs still appearing and throwing off game play. If we were debugging, why was support so non-responsive? If we were not debugging, then why was this released? I shouldn’t have that question as a consumer. As far as my advice goes: 1) more transparency with players 2) stop releasing new stuff if the old stuff is still broken 3) for this map in particular, there was no challenge from the rebels. Just annoyance from bugs, respawn and inverted difficulty of cities. 4) for this map, increase resource output or increase rebel XP to match the number of cities that are available to be capped
  24. hi have enjoyed playing this game last few weeks, but have a question; when dropping troops from a C47/Gigant do they all have to drop at once or can I drop one at a time ie to space them out. hope you can help thx
  25. Make the higher level rebel cities harder to get. Make it a mission. Map was very easy and got bored after day 2 Krix
  26. I enjoyed the map and found the increased rebel activity a plus. I think the number of LVL 15 cities should be reduced and LVL 20 could be increased. I think diplomacy should be limited to one or two and neutral eliminated here. I like the idea of adding 4 hour shields as some of us have real life to deal with. Overall found it a nice improvement and see no reason to increase the speed. Thank you!
  27. Nice tutorial. Are there any others available to help younger fighters to understand the defense of their cities?
  28. On the new map, can you guys make it so any ncp city that wins a battle, they get more troops on there cities. Weather stronger lvl or just one or two more troops per victory. Even if you hit it and leave it, it'll repair and recover and become even stronger. Mixture of aa, rockets and m40
  29. Larger gold rewards. Speeds up new players and reduce grind for old players
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