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World Warfare
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Booster Units and Single player Campaign


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Hello! My ingame name is Kkurd and I have some ideas i'd like feedback.


MCU - Mobile Communications Unit (boosts power by 5% for troops in the area). Must be protected by nearby units


JGMS - Ambulance Support Vehicle - Recovers Health 5% / hr. Must be protected by nearby units.

OSHKOSH MTVR - Close Support tanker - Refuels Armored Vehicles, limited fuel. Must be protected by nearby units

M56 - Ammo carrying vehicles, only refills Light Vehicles and Infantry. Limited Ammo. Must be protected by nearby Units

Refuling jets - refuels aircraft, but must be docked to stay alive every 10 hours. Must be protected by nearby Aircraft


MAPC - Mobile Armored Personal Carrier - Transports infantry faster, has a machine gun for defence but otherwise must be protected by surrounding units. Can transport 3 infantry units max.


AC130 Support Aircraft - Provides Aireal support for ground units, deals 1000 damage right away, then must be refilled in a city. Travels very slow, heavy firepower and a lot of health. Perfect for supporting Tank units entering Villages or cities. 


Many games have different kinds of troops, I think this could add a new element to the game.

Please provide feedback! Thank you for your time!

Another thing: a single player campaign mode where players can earn coins and play through events that actually happened in WW2. Troops and upgrades may need to be faster.

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5 hours ago, Commanderburger said:

Bugs should be first priority,because you release anything new then you get like 20 bugs which make it annoying.

Bugs are always the first priority. We are working day and night to find the bugs. Believe me, they will be fixed ASAP.

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