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World Warfare
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Military Academy-Operation Instructions


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1. How to view Battlefield

(1). How to change angel of view?

    Slide around and drag the screen.

(2). How to zoom in/out screen displays?

    Pinch the screen with two fingers.

2. How to select troop

(1).How to select one unit

    Method 1Tap the unit with finger directly.

    Method 2Open the list on the left side of main interface, click on the icon of buildings or the unit that you want to choose.

(2). How to select multiple units

    Method 1All units will be displayed as shrunken pieces when zoomed out, click on one of the stacks to select entire units of this kind.

    Method 2 Tap the screen for 1~2 seconds, a hint for multiple select will appear (Circular "i"), slide and drag the screen to select all units within the region.

3. How to command troop to move

(1). How to move troop

    Select troop and click on “move" button, choose any place on the screen as a target, then it will move towards it automatically.

(2). How to move accurately in a short distance

    Select any troop and hold on to tap the screen, now drag the screen to draw predetermined route for this troop, then it will move accurately on this particular route.

    4. How to command troop to attack

(1). Direct attack: select troop and click on “attack” button, and choose any place on the screen, then the troop will move towards the place and attack all enemies along the way.

(2). Auto attack: troop will attack targets automatically when available target is within range.

5. Specific operations

(1). How to cease current order

   Select troop and click on “stop” button, then the troop will stop its current movement.

(2). How to find your own city and troops quickly

   Click on the button on the left side of main interface, “City List”, “Troop List” and “Save Coordinates” will pop out.

   City List:locate current owned cities, click any city to jump into it.

   Troop List:locate and assign current troop in order to operate easily.

   Save Coordinates: Save and share current coordinates in order to locate quickly.

(3). How to transport troops with transporter

   Select troops and click “enter” button, and choose Army Base/Air Force Base where transporter is located, then the troops are ready to enter the transporter in the base.

(4). How to capture a city

   After enemy’s Central Building has been destroyed, you can send one infantry to capture it.

   After the city has been captured, you need to use “Pacify” to restore its normal function.

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Capturing someone's city is not good for the game. You guys should ask for input. You will never learn. Not sure how running players out of the game is even good for business. No one is going to come invest time and money on a game. Just to have someone destroy your city in minutes. This game is doomed before its ever released....

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