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World Warfare
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BP and GOLD refunds


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1)How and if so will Blue Prints be refunded?(The ones we have not spent.)BP for gold?-> 1BP=20,000 gold?

2)Most players have unlocked a bit of weaponry spending gold. Now with everything being unlocked in new update will we be refunded the gold used to unlock the weaponry we did unlock or, will the gold used to unlock each weapon be put forth on the weapon it was used to unlock for upgrading that weapon system and if there is left over gold used to unlock that weapon will it be refunded?

I know your getting hounded about everyone's "issues" but I feel that the majority of players are wondering about the same thing. I have looked bight and low and If you have answered these questions I assure you my intent is not to harp. Thank you for your time ladies and gentalmen. And remember ??MERICA!

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