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World Warfare
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Possible Changes


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First off, I'd like to say I love this game, a great original in the sea of copy paste formula cash outs. I'm still fairly new, but have picked up on a lot, so I have some suggestions. Now before I get into it, I realize the restraints of games and game design especially with mobile and MMOs, but I just want to get my thoughts out there.

1. I think the tech tree is flawed. The connections between the three categories of units(air, land, sea) feels wrong when people have to specialize in the early stages of the game because of location, aka the people at the edge of the map. I also think their should be more impact in upgrading units than just a small stats buffs, but I think the tech tree is a good mechanic.

2. Some units just feel useless. Infantry are one. Once past the newbie faze only one of these is needed for captures and motorized infantry completely fazes them out. They can't hold their own against any unit which is sad because realistically they can with the right things, so I suggest abilities like stealth or building small forts that give defense bonuses or being able to specialize the infantry. Medium Tanks also need some love. Sure they are a bit cheaper and quicker, but in the end I'd take heavy tanks any day. I'd just like if each unit felt unique and viable.

3. Expanding units feels weak as well. Sure the power bump is nice, but it's not enough. They are going to die with the rest and if they don't they'll cost even more armaments and it starts getting expensive. Right now I find it more efficient to just send out level ones and make new ones to ship to the front when they die. To fix this I think maybe more power or more abilities to make them worth their buck.

4. Lastly, I don't know if this is what the design was going for but blob attack are the only way to go. Strategy is the composition of the blob and the one question: are you attacking? No: stay in base./Yes: bee-line on the road to the enemy base. The is no benefit for splitting troops or going off road unless pathing says it's quicker and forests are useless. The only cool thing I've seen is the common para drop to distract arty or turrets. Things that could fix this are heavy flanking bonuses, more bonuses, or maybe shortening recon view ranges on forests so troops can hide in them and ambush and flank.

That's all I have right now. I realize game restraints so I don't expect anything, just getting my thoughts out there. I'd love feed back as well or to talk some strategy, but for now I'll keep playing.

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