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World Warfare
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1st Maintenance of the New Patch


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On February 3, 2016 at 5:05 AM, Peter said:


The changes will be made gradually based on the amazing feedback from all of you! This first maintenance is most likely to happen at 23:00 pm 2/3 PST. 

What‘s New

•Adjusted the durability of reconstructed buildings to 20%

Initially, reconstructing was designed to reduce the costs of recovering from nothing. But repeating reconstructing buildings to full durability makes the war endless, which is not the purpose of this function.  

•Added Blueprints in battlefield missions

Every active commander deserves rewards, and blueprints shouldn’t be an obstacle of unlocking armaments in early stage of war.

•Increased the amount of resources including BP in Domestic Affairs; the higher level your Admin Area, the more resources you can get

The bubble sucks especially when you get so little from it. So the higher level and bigger territory your admin areas are, the more output will come from Domestic and the higher chance of getting BP

•Reduced the frequency of Domestic Affairs

Bubbles are annoying when your territory gets bigger. So when leveling up, the frequency will drop but the rewards will increase.

•Improved the gold production and the costs of unlocking advanced armaments

This is to make it more balanced in available units between the new and old players. And we will add more ways to obtain gold in future.

•Reduced the time needed to upgrade Air and Naval bases

It was too loooong to level up these two.

•Reduced the steel needed to build a Lv. 1 Mini Iron Mine to 20

When I decide to build a Iron Mine, it needs steel to build, which looks very impracticable.

•Added more steel rewards in early stage missions 

We shouldn’t get stuck on steel.

•Adjusted the rebel respawning location

•Reduced the protection time of Gold Mines from 24 hours to 0 hours after fulfilling the stage requirements

It's too long to wait after we fulfill the requirements. 

•Reduced the Victory Points needed to unlock Stage Prizes

The original V points needed for each Stage are: 1600, 2200, 6800, 17000 and 30000.

The new V points needed are: 1000, 1300, 3800, 7900 and 12000.

Bug fixes

•Fixed the dispatching issue of transport ship in naval force base

•Adjusted the load of Supplies to 0.01

•Fixed the bug that enabled injured troops to be healed after being upgraded in tech

•Switched the order of two aircraft carriers in munition factory

•Fixed the bug that enabled rubber factory to produce steel

•Fixed the bug that reconstructing buildings in league city cost no fortune

I have an issue where the tank AI forces generate on top of my city main building. I do have turrets and that's just fine however it does generate damage and it happens every 10-15 minutes as it updates my locked screen on my device about it every ten to fifteen minutes...needless to say I had tons of notifications when I woke this morning. 

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