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World Warfare
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Suggestions for New World Order


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I like this map and the quick establishment. Drop in layout is horrible and creates disadvantages. Who ever starts fresh NWO map has full advantage as a league. There are no other locations that have as many major city and rss clumped together.  Who thought to make USA and Canada last drop in. I dropped into a map with an LC 2 right across the water. Smart thinking.. plus, America and Canada are dead zones.. just like the southern islands. You give no rss or defensive structure.. 

• Have a lvl 20 city in New Zealand. So a team can atleast have an option to make ships. I like there are no ships. But.. there should be a safe haven atleast for southern leagues. 

• Start drop in from the tip of Canada and spread it out like a cape till you bring it to New Zealand.  Lvl 20 citys, Turkey & New Zealand

If you dont drop into Europe or western Russian. It's horrible.. almost pointless. 

Your on something great with NWO. Refine & Define, equal opportunity drops for everyone. No one from an island has ever invaded far north or main land. Your limited and ships cost to much.. even the playing field. 







































































































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