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World Warfare
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v.2.0.4 Patch Notes | 08/29


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-Repair contents

1. Fixed the bug that couldn't exit after being invited to a group chat.

2. Fixed the issue that the battlefield screen view was stuck.

3. Fixed the bug that the movement command would disappear when the camera is on the ground.

4. Fixed the problem that the range displayed on the screen is too small for the second viewing screen.

5. Fixed the bug that league leader did not have commander permissions.

6. Fixed the bug that missing avatars for difficult NPCs in the map.

7. Fixed the bug that the battlefield buff attribute was not added.

8. Fixed the bug that an error reported in the battlefield interface.

9. Fixed transport resource quantity input box button.

10. Fixed the problem that the appearance of the city still shows level 1 after turning off 3D.

11. Fixed the bug that city buildings disappear.

12. Fixed the display problem of the building queue when just entered the battlefield.

13. Fixed the problem that the rank in the lobby did not refresh after the experience was collected at the end of the battlefield.

14. Fixed the text prompt for the entrance to the Ranked Battlefield.

15. Fixed the battlefield information interface, the icon displayed on the battlefield reward was wrong.

16. Fixed the text of item rewards in the settlement interface.

17. Fixed an issue when the purchase building queue did not refresh immediately.

18. Fixed the issue that the battlefield technology description interface was blocked.

19. Fixed an issue where resources were enough but not displayed enough.

20. Fixed the problem that the superimposed buttons in the enter battlefield window did not respond.

21. Fixed the incorrect commander experience icon on the battlefield settlement interface.

22. Fixed an issue where the title was wrong in the battlefield technology interface.

23. Fixed bug that the maximum character limit for messages is wrong.

24. Fixed the position of the exclamation mark button on the League match buttons.

25. Fixed the issue of sending chat messages in the battlefield team interface.

26. Fixed the exchange items display bug.

27. Fixed strategy sorting bug.

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