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World Warfare
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v.2.0.3 Patch Note - 8/3


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-Repair contents-

1. Fixed the problem that double-clicking the header box of the same type of troops did not display information

2. Fixed the problem that the guide icon for entering the base is not displayed for each angle of view

3. Fixed the issue that the officers who entered the battle were automatically unloaded

4. Fixed the problem that the current view frame cannot be seen in the situation map

5. Fixed the problem that troops on the edge of crisis (normal) map could not move in some plots

6. Fixed the problem that the gold coins in the battle lab interface were not refreshed in time after consumption

7. Fixed the problem that the FLAK artillery (Type 41) model had the wrong attack status

8. Fixed the problem of the background image switching back and forth when switching scenes

9. Fixed an incorrect count of killing a unit in branch missions

10. Fixed the wrong description of unlocking the second laboratory

11. Fixed the problem that the currency consumption of the reset strategy is displayed incorrectly

12. Fixed the problem that the capital city is selected by default in the internal affairs interface

13. Fixed the problem that the mission text cover the mission button in the main interface of the battlefield

14. Fixed the problem that the level is displayed incorrectly when applying to join a League on the battlefield


-Optimized content-

15. Optimized the frame selection operation

16. Optimized the zoom feature

17. Expanded the click area of the store recharge interface

18. Optimized chat window

19. Optimized the color of the "thumbs up" icon in the situation map

20. Optimized the display position of the BUFF icon of the troops, and adjusted it to the

21. Optimized the button size of the main interface of the battlefield

22. Optimized the size of the social panel

23. Optimized email read and unread flags

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