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World Warfare
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Q&A | 07-21


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Dear Commanders,

World Warfare updated the 2.0 version recently and we are very happy to hear your feedback. Here are the Top10 questions that you care and concern most. Hope you can find yours and get answers here.


Q1: Why there is no Crisis Hard?

A1: Dear commander, it's fixed and now you can join it in the regular battlefield.


Q2: Why always event maps are only available on Mon/Tue?

A2: Dear commander, we will make maps more available and a wise map rotation. Please follow our community and ingame announcement.


Q3: Why my S+ grade disappered, and a mess in the statics?

A3: Dear commander, don't worry, your grade records are well kept. Sorry about the display bug, we fix the S+ issue and all grades will be well showed next week.


Q4: Where is the coods sharing?

A4: Dear commander, we do have it in the favs, you can tag it then share. We will impove it in the later updates so that you can promotly share and quickly jump.


Q5:Where is the coods jump?

A5: Dear commander, enter the X&Y in situation which is in the left corner of the Bf.


Q6: How to back to the main screen lobby from battlefield?

A6: Dear commander, it's also in the situation button, where you can choose to "Leave battlefiled" and decide whether to "Surrender" or "Respawn" or "back to main screen".


Q7: Why diplomacy is not working I can't see any info.

A7: Dear commander, bugs related to diplomacy are fixed. Contact me if you still have the same issue.


Q8:No gemming troops and buildings should be allowed in LC.

A8:Dear commander, we are very sorry about the LC gemming troops and building issue. Now it's disabled and we hope you can enjoy the game.


Q9: Why the chat box message are overlapping? I can't read it.

A9: Dear commander, it's fixed. And we will improve the chat box in the near future. Follow our community to know more. Your ideas are very welcomed.


Q10:Why there is a code showed after my name?

A10: Dear commander, sorry about this problem during update. We delivered a Name Change Card via ingame email for free. Now you can change your name as you like.


That's all for today's Care and Concern. We are devoted to bring a good game experience to all commanders. Welcome to join us and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.





Thank you for your support!

World Warfare Team

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insanlara bilmedikleri bir tabak yemeği <içinde ne olduğu belli olmayan>yemeye zorlayamazsın sen diktamısın..?

karmakarışık oyun yapıyorsun sorun yok bunu yap şunu yap olmaz olmaz

seçenek yok.? eski versiyonu tekrar yükle isteyen eskiyi oynar isteyen yeniyi 

AMA öncelik bu elmas fiyatları hangi dağın içinden çıkarıyorsun maliyetmi arttı 1.000,2.000 bu fyatlar nedir .......!

oyunu tekrar eski haline getirin ACİL... 

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