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World Warfare
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2.0.1 Update and Patch Notes


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Dear Commanders,

After the new version was updated, we have received a lot of comments and suggestions. Thank you for your support. At the same time, after everyone's positive feedback, we have also seen some game problems. In order to provide you a better game experience, we plan to release version 2.0.1 this week to fix some of the known problems. Details of the update will show as following:


Update content:

1. Fixed the issue that the league does not display the countdown.

2. Fixed the problem that the page does not exit after exiting the room during league match.

3. Fixed the problem that the resource quantity and details buttons were not displayed in the header of the Legion City.

4. Fixed the bug of building an arsenal when the legion lacks rubber.

5. Fixed the issue that a claim interface was missing when the league was settled.

6. Fixed the issue that item details are not displayed in the transport interface.

7. Fixed the problem that the Legion City resources were not displayed on the building interface of the Legion City.

8. Fixed the translation error of the prompt text for purchasing props when diamonds are insufficient.

9. Fixed the problem that two tabs can be selected at the same time in the league leaderboard.

10. Fixed the problem that the commander's name and medal overlap.

11. Fixed the problem of incompatibility in the Legion log interface;

12. Fixed the problem that there is one more page when opening the army information from the battlefield.

13. Fixed the problem that the text in the transportation details interface was not translated;

14. Fixed the issue that officers were not displayed under special circumstances;

15. Fixed the problem that the legion diplomacy could not see the news;

16. Fixed the problem that the number of records S+ is not displayed.


About the color of the commander's name

The font color of "Commander's Name" is not designed for the game, new chat system fixed this bug in the update, but it also caused some players' names to be abnormal. Now we send you a "Rename Card" so that you can change the commander's name again. If you need this feature, we will also consider to add it in the future versions!

Thank you again for your support and understanding of our game, we will continue to optimize the game experience!

World Warfare Team

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While it’s good that you guys acknowledge there are issues with this update. A lot of these are more secondary (but still needed to be fixed to make the game playable) compared to the new bugs and issues that are far worse. 

It would be best for everyone if you just reverted the update and then work on fixing the update, removing bugs that came up and actually listen to player feedback and implement that feedback to either add or remove features of this update. 

If you do launch updates that change the UI it probably would be best to do it slowly in parts rather than all at once. 

The art is good doesn’t look to terrible but there seemed to be a drop in functionality and responsiveness.


As for color/font changes in player names I can see that as understandable but to be fair if the old system had no issues with this then this “New” system should be able to handle it if not better. If you release an update that can’t do what the previous version did then that is considered a down date. Also what if leagues used color in their league name? How do you fix that issue? You can’t change a league name once it has been made and Making players leave that league and lose the progress in that league over a font color name is out of the question.

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I am TON, I have been playing wwf for at least 6 years, throughout these years we suffered many abuses and failures, but they NEVER ruined the game like this time. This is what ended up deciding to leave the game, I think I was someone who contributed a lot both in battles and in controversy, but it is impossible to play, delay, confusing buttons, impossible to give orders to troops "they are not there", anyway, I hope that the old commanders like me follow me or failing that, JOYCRAFTER returns us the TRUE game that we fell in love with. Good fields my friends TON75 RETIRE... HURRAH!!!!

Soy TON, hace al menos 6 años juego wwf, a lo largo de estos años padecimos abuso muchoss y fallas, pero NUNCA arruinó el juego como esta vez. Esto fue lo que termino de decidirme a abandonar el juego, creo que fui alguien que aporto mucho tanto en batallas como en polemicas, pero es imposible jugar, retraso, botones confusos, imposible dar ordenes a tropas "no estan ahi", en fin, espero que los viejos comandandates como yo me sigan o en su defecto JOYCRAFTER nos regrese el VERDADERO juego que nos enamoro. Buenos campos amigos TON75 SE RETIRA... HURRA!!!!

Edited by CommanderTON
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If you see a problem fix it as of now this is what I have found 


  1. You can’t delete private chat. 
  2. You can’t send location in any chat
  3. coastal artillery is over power and can wipe half an army (Tested with 2 gigs/ 10 strat bombers)
  4. you can’t copy and paste in text chat
  5. half of the emoji don’t show up
  6. You can gem your league city units 
  7. Officers that are dispatched keeping getting removed
  8. Highlighting units doesn’t select all the units
  9. Rebel units when attacking zoom across the floor. 
  10. Sometimes the gra-ass or trees over clip the ground units when fighting or moving
  11. When upgrading the building in a city the building cards to see what lvl the building is are stacking so you have scroll multiple times up and down. 
  12. When making units it’s not clear how many you can make 
  13. The battle field tech is all smushed together so you can not see what tech is for witch unit
  14. On the global map you can’t see the location you are looking at or the name of people that own the city
  15. When deploying your army to move to multiple locations the targets fall off so you have to manually baby your army to the target location.
  16. When trying to transport units, supplies, or materials the ability to type the amount in is not working
  17. When turrets are destroyed and repaired the come back looking like level 1 turret
  18. Same with cities that are high level, when they are destroyed and repaired they come back looking like level 1 cities
  19. When zooming the farthest away from the battlefield not all of the land gets filled in some of the ground is blue patches
  20. Gig planes sometimes won’t drop/deploy units or deploy chaff
  21. When having multiple different types of units enter a city the will run or fly to the city but won’t load into the city
  22. Medals are still stacking over players names and league names when someone post a long message in global chat
  23. Profile achievements medal keep coming off so you have to place them back on or force close the game and reopen
  24. Air, ground, sea have a delayed response when give orders 
  25. Sometimes removing players from league is not responsive 
  26. When leaving a battle field and returning to main menu, the game freezes or doesn’t load
  27. Applying skins to units or leveling up units in tech tree, is sometimes restricted and forces you into a tutorial
  28. When game is force closes and reopen there is a delay/ freeze to load screen
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On 19.07.2022 at 15:09, Avery said:

Sevgili Komutanlar,

Yeni sürüm güncellendikten sonra çok sayıda yorum ve öneri aldık. Desteğin için teşekkürler. Aynı zamanda herkesin olumlu geri dönüşlerinden sonra bazı oyun problemlerini de gördük. Size daha iyi bir oyun deneyimi sunmak için  , bilinen bazı sorunları gidermek için bu hafta 2.0.1 sürümünü yayınlamayı  planlıyoruz. Güncellemenin detayları aşağıdaki gibi gösterilecektir:


İçeriği güncelle:

1. Ligin geri sayımı göstermeme sorunu düzeltildi.

2. Lig maçı sırasında odadan çıktıktan sonra sayfanın çıkmaması sorunu düzeltildi.

3. Lejyon Şehri başlığında kaynak miktarı ve ayrıntı düğmelerinin görüntülenmeme sorunu düzeltildi.

4. Lejyonda kauçuk olmadığında bir cephanelik inşa etme hatası düzeltildi.

5. Lig sonuçlandırıldığında bir hak talebi arayüzünün eksik olması sorunu düzeltildi.

6. Taşıma arayüzünde eşya detaylarının gösterilmemesi sorunu düzeltildi.

7. Lejyon Şehri kaynaklarının Lejyon Şehri bina arayüzünde gösterilmemesi sorunu düzeltildi.

8. Elmaslar yetersiz olduğunda sahne satın almak için istem metninin çeviri hatası düzeltildi.

9. Lig skor tablosunda aynı anda iki sekmenin seçilebilmesi sorunu düzeltildi.

10. Komutanın adı ve madalyasının çakışması sorunu düzeltildi.

11. Legion günlük arayüzündeki uyumsuzluk sorunu düzeltildi;

12. Savaş alanından ordu bilgileri açılırken bir sayfa daha olması sorunu düzeltildi.

13. Taşıma ayrıntıları arayüzündeki metnin çevrilmemesi sorunu düzeltildi;

14. Özel durumlarda görevlilerin gösterilmemesi sorunu düzeltildi;

15. Lejyon diplomasisinin haberleri görememesi sorunu düzeltildi;

16. S+ kayıt sayısının görüntülenmemesi sorunu düzeltildi.


Komutanın adının rengi hakkında

"Commander's Name" yazı tipi rengi oyun için tasarlanmamıştır, yeni sohbet sistemi güncellemedeki bu hatayı düzeltmiştir, ancak bazı oyuncuların adlarının anormal olmasına da neden olmuştur. Şimdi komutanın adını tekrar değiştirebilmeniz için size bir "Yeniden Adlandırma Kartı" gönderiyoruz. Bu özelliğe ihtiyacınız varsa, gelecek sürümlerde eklemeyi de düşüneceğiz!

Oyunumuza olan desteğiniz ve anlayışınız için tekrar teşekkür ederiz, oyun deneyimini optimize etmeye devam edeceğiz!

Dünya Savaşı Ekibi

ben oyunu şuan oynamıyorum çünkü çok karışık eski halini geri yükkeyin lütfen bir çok kişi benimle aynı fikirde

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