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World Warfare
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New Update v.2.0.0


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Hey Commanders,
Avery here. I'm glad to share with you that FINALLY, v2.0.0 is coming!
⏰ Maintenance: July 19, 2:00am-4:00am (UTC)
Avery's Notes:
⚙️ Link account to Google, Apple ID or other social account beforehand
🚁 Load troops into the bases in advance
❗️ Please be noted that you will not be able to log in during the period. GUEST account would be LOST and cannot get back.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
You might have noticed that our official FB and FORUM were updated and live now. Let me know if you like it. 🤩🤩
See you in the brand-new update version. Tons of rewards and events are at your command! 🎁💎
#worldwarfare Team


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Avery, this update is a disaster! Please immediately revert back to the old version, like asap in the next 12 hours. There will be a huge revolt in player base because you guys just managed to make this game “UNPLAYABLE”


need to roll back this change asap



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Im sorry to say but this update has been a disaster. On paper it might have been good but now that it’s live not so much.


Here is what went wrong with this update:




  • Can’t do diplomacy
  • can gem LC troops and buildings now 
  • Bf map no longer shows cities with the names of players
  • Player names in chats are overlapping
  • Chat texting is buggy and very hard to do now (small typing window now and keyboard)
  • Officers not working for players
  • Can see which players are online from other leagues as well as info like class picked and officers (better for enemies not to know)
  • Multiple text, icon glitches that overlap and not clean
  • Im sure there’s more bugs but that’s just the beginning.


As for the update itself to be honest it is different and at first very difficult to navigate coming from the old UI. However I think players could learn and adapt to these changes as they are not actually gameplay itself (main screen not in Bf)


The 3D models of troops wasn’t needed but does look cool. I do think that the UI is clean or would be clean given there was no bugs and could make the game run smoother but that’s just in theory.


In Bf same thing with the learning curve trying to navigate and hit buttons in places they used to be in. Sometimes the buttons are smooth to press and others do register right away. 


There are some good changes but again there are bugs and things that used to be in the old UI that are gone that players used.


The coastal arty turrets was a good content addition to the game. Though it does take up buildings spots previously used by other buildings therefore not allowing all buildings to be made, it does offer more variation in city builds.


The troop sizes in game are way too big in scale. Now they are bigger than buildings even when fully zoomed in.


If the update didn’t have bugs and didn’t lose any previous features of the old UI and actually made the game better, then it be a good update. There was some promising changes and some changes are actually done well as far as some navigation goes and info but players will focus mainly on bugs and what directly affects gameplay. If the game is unplayable that will make a lot of players leave them game and it will be hard to recover.


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Avery, this update us so bad and I am sure you guys have already received thousands of “issues” people are complaining about.

The game, at this point, is unplayable. I am not talking about bugs (bugs can be fixed), but the very fundamental of this game is broken now. If you guys still want to make money from this game, then please roll back to old version. This new version has made some structural damage to the game that I am not sure you guys can fix it. Below are top 5 issues that make this game unplayable 

1:) The number 1 issue is that the camera angle of the new UI can no longer support the PvP style. There are only 4 fixed camera angles when you zoom in and out. The first 2 angles only show map bird’s eye view so they can’t be used for battle. The last angle is completely flat out to the ground level so it also can’t be used for battle. This only leaves the 3rd angle to view map during battle. But this angle is so rigid and it is impossible for players to select troops and move them around.


       The old UI has a progressive angle view and is way better for the purpose of PvP


2:) When you select all your troops in map, the small troop icons for different types of troops look all very similar, and very a very dark background. It is very hard to tell which troop type they are. For experienced players, we can still guess it out, but for new players, it is impossible for them to figure out which is which


3:) when you apply tactics to troops, the buff show up on top of all troop units, in that 3rd camera angle view I described above. Entire screen is filled with buff symbols. Impossible to select any troops


4:) this game is for team play and as such team communication is vital in the game. The new chat window is so small, and it also does not display the entire message, unless someone click to pop out the large chat window. This essentially kills team communication 


5:) map coordinate can no longer be shared. This again kills the team spirit of the game.


there are literally thousand of other issues. But the 5 issues listed above essentially kill this game. Not sure you guys can even fix them in the new version. Reverting back to old version is probably the only way out here.

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15 minutes ago, Apostle said:

I agree with the others, this update is a disaster.
besides all the errors that have already been pointed out here, I really wonder if you are clear about your target audience?   

Most of us are already a bit older and financially well positioned. I haven't talked to anyone yet who likes the update, let alone who still enjoys the game at the moment.

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I cannot start any map. Some have suggested starting a lower level map with an alt. That sort of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I cannot imagine the goal of the new update was to create a game that cannot be played. This is pretty ridiculous.  

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Wooow congrats developers for making this game even worse then it allready was lmao.

When you guys think of going back to revert this game then pls revert it back to 2 maybe 3 years ago before all these sh!ty upgrades wich only made this game worse and worse.

Untill then good luck with destroying the game :)

Maybe will check the game later in the hope something changed... 

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