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World Warfare
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News Room: UI Update 1.0


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Thank you, for all these years continued support. We are very happy to bring you the latest news of our UI Update 1.0 and the story behind World Warfare game.


  • Why Art Upgrading Go first?

With large amount of high-quality mobile games flooded into the market, World Warfare, though still a rare one of its kind, focusing on large scale battles with competitive PVP and real strategy, we realized that a bad quality art style game is too far from satisfying gamers at first sight, not even a friendly layout to play in the long run.


  • Art Style

We had several rounds of deep talk with our elite players and made surveys about the present trend of localized games. Based on concluded principles, we had dozes patches of designs keeping on finding our ideal style. After continuous efforts, we finally go for a flat and tough style. We decided to overhaul UI in a modern way, use image and icon instead of long texts, each detail be in line with the overall style of the design.


  • Interaction and Integration

With more events live on game, the information becomes redundant and more difficult to be organized, which is quite a challenge for old game like us. In the UI Update 1.0, we resorted and well-planned every column, like battle lab, props, and techs, so as to be more readable, clear and concise. We hope this update can make you easier to get necessary info in the game.


  • Unit Upgrade

This is one of the most important improvements of UI Update 1.0, in which we remade all the unit models in the game. You will see the optimized units in battles as well as in armament display. Instead of low-resolution model, player will enjoy genuine ww2 3D modern units. Don't worry if upgraded units will cause worse lag issue, you can switch to previous 2D in General Setting.


Last but not least, UI Update 1.0 is just the first step in the long term, we will deliver more in the near future. Map rotation, large battle freeze, lag issue… will be our next move. Besides, we will update our official community Facebook and Forum here to welcome your valuable suggestions and creative ideas, also to keep you posted about the events on our game. We are very sorry about the bad moves in the past, which hurt and lost some solid players. Luckily, we still have you, commanders, thank you again for all these years support, and let’s keep fighting together!


World Warfare Team




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