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World Warfare
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Lucky Draw Box


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Greetings Commanders,

New season S7 will be released on Monday June 20th 12am. To be prepared for the S7 battles, we bring you a War Supply Lucky Box which is limited and for all commanders right before S7.

  • Time: From June 17th 02:00 to June 20th 02:00 (UTC)
  • Amount: 100 times max pp.
  • Lucky Draw: Amethysts, Diamonds, Shields, Tactical point cards and other war supplies.
  • Super Lucky: Permanent Unit Skin

You will find the Lucky box in Store, just draw it in your Daily Bag.

🎊 Reply with your lucky box screenshots and uid, will pick FIVE commanders to win 300 diamonds!

Good luck and Fight No Battle Unprepared!


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Dear commanders,


Please find the drop percentage to this war supply lucky box below:


1000-Amethyst Card: 19.7%

1000-Diamond Card: 14.78%

500-Amethyst Card: 14.78%

500-Diamond Card: 9.85%

Shield (8H): 9.85%

Tactical Cards*50 Points: 4.43%

Resupply Key: 7.88%

R&D Adjustment Card: 4.93%

Other 30 days war supplies: 1.97% p.

Construction Queue (30 Days): 0.49%


✨ Permanent Unit Skin Pack: 1.48%

 Limited in last 2 days. (Event time: 17th to 19th)


Happy Weekends!

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