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World Warfare
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Christmas Events-2021


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Hello Commanders,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have prepared a series of events for you guys to complete and win rewards in this Christmas season. Let's take a look at them.


1. Christmas Daily Sign

As we always do in big events, we have the Christmas Daily Sign will be ready at UTC 8:00, Dec. 18th. Please make sure to sign in on the daily event and go to the Christmas Daily Sign to claim rewards. This event will stay from UTC Dec. 18th to Jan. 2nd.



2. Christmas Daily Missions

I believe most of you are familiar with the missions already. Please come back every day to complete the missions and claim the Christmas Cards to redeem items in another event. This event will stay from UTC Dec. 18th to Jan. 2nd.



3. Christmas Redeem

In this event, we have offered some special Christmas items, you have to collect as many Christmas Cards as you can to get all of them. The special items are special scout camouflage, special Christmas portrait and special Christmas portrait frame. 


This event will start on Dec. 18th and end on Jan 2nd. You need to use the Christmas Cards to redeem things before it ends. In case you will miss out the event, we will convert the Christmas cards you collected into gold after Jan. 2nd.


  • This is the special camouflage for the scout. It grants +5% movement speed for your Grasshopper.


  • Here are the special portrait and its frame. The cute deerlet is winking to you and wishing you a merry Christmas. Lol.



4.Christmas Sales

As always, we will put some special packs in the store. Seize your chance to get the yearly perk. You'll wait another year if you miss them out! The sales will start on UTC Dec. 24th and end on Jan 2nd.



5.Officer Discount

Last but the most important is that we will discount ALL the officers (except James Chaney) from UTC Dec. 23rd to Jan. 2nd. Let's party!🎄🎄🎄



Should you have any questions, please PM me. Thanks.



World Warfare Team

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