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World Warfare
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2 Day Maps


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It's always come to my attention the slowing of recruitment of fresh players to this game. Like either marketing is bad, To much other gaming competition,  and or the game is so time consuming and extreme to what 1 has to keep up with to sustain a normal healthy life.. 

Please take my post seriously.. Most people think I'm just talking out my ass on this game, Like: "oh.. DonkeyPunch thinks he knows all". I dont of course. But if I do speak up, I'm taking the time to improve or teach something regardless of what they think..


If you'd like my opinion on how to revamp life into this game.

1: Medium size maps, more land maps

2: 2 day vote time

3: Established citys & Produced troops

4: 2 drop in times, Eastern & Western time zones. 

Basically if you took the Template of "Battle of the Bay" and made more fast paced medium size maps where players can drop in to a timezone that isent on other side of the world. As an American, I realize going off UTC time zone is just shit for us gamers over here..

If you can make this game popping with action day one and get ppl on and playing to be apart of the immediate action.. you'll get a flood of people and most likely be able to change and adapt to the fast pace changes to gaming.. normal people don't have time to sit on a map for 4 days. They want immediate action and that's what will keep them.. 

So instead of building all water maps in the last 6 years. You could of been making fast pace action filled 2 day maps with time zone drops for both sides of the world.

I hope this is helpful for you guys to consider.. I love this game and probing my mind for the longevity of keeping it alive.. Its a big elephant and you can't ignore by putting a bandage over it. 

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