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World Warfare
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UI Optimization-Vol.8: Troop Info


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Hello Commanders,


The rewards of Vol 7 will not be distributed as we didn't get any valuable feedback. As always, we will give away 3000 diamonds to the commanders that leave the top3 BEST comments of this volume, too. Come and leave your comments under this post! It can be suggestion, advice or opinion on our UI optimization. We will not deliver the diamonds if no good comments in the comment area.


In this volume, we would like to introduce the troop info interfaces. Let's take a look at them.


  • We have moved the buff effects on the left bottom so that you may check them easily. Apart from that, we have divided the troop info into 4 tabs. The first tab is as below, you can check some main info of the current troop, such as the HP, attack, defense, move, etc.



  • The 2nd and 3rd tab demonstrate some info that can help you understand the mechanic better. Check the info below.




  • The 4th tab shows the special info of the troop, such as the class tech bonus info and the battlefield tech bonus info.


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  • Peter changed the title to UI Optimization-Vol.8: Troop Info

People have been giving good feedback as well as myself. Not sure what your expecting but perhaps you should listen to the players rather than what you want to hear. We are telling you how to make the game better and make it a win-win for the players and you (devs). 
as for the unit interface to me it seems more complicated. The current interface for a unit shows everything you need to know without having to click on different tabs. Like why make it harder to see everything?

unless the new interface is telling us stats that aren’t visible before (such as more details on what each troop does and how effective they are) then it’s really not necessary.


A new interface to me would be good if it helps improve the quality of the game and not just the last ok itself. 
how about make it where we can transport population between cities, that would be something great.

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let's talk about what is interesting only to you.

1. An unnecessary panel that is complex and does not provide useful information.


I see the main window of the unit this way


2. New interesting unit avatars. You can sell them as marketing or add them to events.


3. The ability to see a hint which officers are working on this unit and add them in this window


4. statistics that will change when adding officers


But all this is cosmetic repairs of emergency housing. The game has global problems. But why don't you want to talk about them and solve them?

my name: KURSK

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7 hours ago, ApkHawk148 said:

Именно то, что я сказал. Также вам следует переключить свое внимание на устранение таких проблем, как задержка сервера, в отличие от косметики. В последний раз, когда я играл, трудно управлять войсками, когда их слишком много на экране.

they don't play their product, they don't know the problem.

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