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World Warfare
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Campaign Phases-Vol.3


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Hello Commanders,


The game is getting harder in late game, NPCs are incredibly powerful, we have to lower the NPC attack for a fair battle.


The last 4 phases of the late game of campaign map are as the follows:


Phase Nine

You need to complete a  league mission in this phase. All of the league members need to cooperate to destroy XXX imperial cities and some members need to capture them. In this phase, NPC attack -50%, resource output +250%


Phase Ten

There is a battlefield mission for this phase. All the players on the battlefield need to cooperate to defeat XXX imperial troops. In this phase, -75% NPC attack, +300% resource output


Phase Eleven

Another league battlefield needs to be completed in this phase. All the league members have to cooperate to capture the empire's capital city. In this phase, -75% NPC attack, +350% resource output


Phase Twelve

It's also a league mission here. All the league members need to cooperate to destroy XXX capital cities on the map and some members need to capture them. In this phase, -75% move speed, +400% resource output


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You could have easily summarized the whole campaign by just saying you and your team must kill all rebels and you do so by completing missions like you normally would. Players don’t need a break down on where to move troops or where to attack( unless your a complete noob at the game).

Doesn’t even seem like there would be an pvp or league fighting which is a huge let down.

Also you just shot your self in the foot by saying all gems spent in a campaign map will be returned. This means players will just spend all their gems knowing they will just get them back. There are players who saved up daily packs that sometimes hit over 60k, 100k gems so I’m sure you guys will enjoy giving those back if they play the campaign map. 

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