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World Warfare
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Rebirth of Game


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Where to start.... The game has been improving in lag time, troops, research, etc. But one of the biggest down falls over the years is the new ppl playing and staying.. you have to admit and look at the issue head on to why is the game slowing down and veterans like me stepping away after 6 yrs.  I know one major issue is the long time it takes to get an actual army if you wanna battle day one. Swift Thrust should be the new global.. focus on how to improve Swift Thrust and get rid of global. Even if you can find a way to make Swift Thrust 20/20. Also.. Since you can orginize multiple small map drop ins.. it assures each map is full with no dead down time. 

Since less ppl are playing the game.. focus on filling up multiple medium size maps to fill them up. NO ONE, wants to sit in a big, slow, dead map. 

Please.. Please.. Make more Land Maps. rivers, lakes, mountains. 4 days long. 2 days til vote. Yes.. Make a map 4 days long. 2 days till vote. Fill the maps up, create action day one and you'll see people coming out to play more. My opinion..  


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