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World Warfare
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World Warfare Adapting/Recruiting


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Its been fun to see the game change and adapt over the years.. Now with alot of online gaming with instant adrenaline and thrills.. One can find I hard to want a slow pace game when your in it for the rush, right? WWF is predominantly a land troop based game. Only certain people invest in navy. And thier not rookies..

Which takes me to Recruiting or marketing.. you need to keep the game simple and fun for new people playing and still keep them engaged. As is the same in not losing people like me after 5 yrs.. less people are coming in learning and more people slowly fading away.. Global is apparent in this uprising pattern of less people playing. 

My option on solution: You focus on smaller LAND MAPS that are 2 days long like 6vs6 just like you do for EVERY WATER MAP you guys have made. 

Global is boring when that's the only option a land player has, patiently waiting for liberty rising. And that's still not enough. NO ONE WANTS TO SIT IN A 4 DAY MAP.. Make them fun. To the point, hard hitting action day one, short and sweet.. 

Trust me.. youd be getting alot more gaming action as a business.

Everyone playing the game is Land based players. So to make all Water maps isnt a good game plan.. I realized that's what has been pushing me away more about the game and that I can only enjoy 2 days of hard hitting fun and I want to be done. 

Not be drained day 2 from building to establish an army and dazed out day 3 and 4 from fighting. Short and Sweet and alot of action will help you keep and gain more gamers.. 


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